Ways To Improve Your MLM Prospecting

I get asked all the time, “Bill, how can I improve my MLM Prospecting today?”. So, I figured I’d put together 10 ways of improving your MLM Prospecting that you can apply to your business today! I recommend you get a pen and pad and write out what come to you mind.

Here are 10 Ways To Improve Your MLM Prospecting

  1. Go For “No’s” as you will sure to get some “Yes’s” in there. Make it a goal to achieve 100 “No’s” every week – and watch your business grow. To learn more go to VitamistU.com to check out the book “Go for NO”
  2. Lead with value! When prospecting, don’t talk about how great your product or compensation plan is. Instead, talk about the leadership you offer and the training that your team has in place already. People will be more receptive to you if you lead with what you offer to them.
  3. Set activity goals – not income goals. Make it goal of yours to connect with 20 people a day and create one piece of new content (article, video, etc.) everyday. The income goals will be achieved eventually if you achieve your activity goals first!
  4. Be disciplined about your marketing schedule. If you have laid out a plan of action for each day to follow – make sure you actually complete those tasks, and not let anything distract you from achieving those tasks.
  5. Let VitaMist’s website do most of the heavy lifting for you. When you begin to start talking about the details of your product and/or compensation plan, you will begin to lose the focus of your prospect. Just be the tour guide and direct your prospects to your website where they can review it and make a decision after that.
  6. Don’t get caught up on waiting to hear responses from people you’ve given your number or link to. Just keep moving forward – this is a numbers game!
  7. Follow up! Follow up! Follow up! Enough said…
  8. Be consistent with your efforts. Is your mlm a hobby of yours that you just work from time to time because you be paid as a hobby, or is this your mlm that you are working like a real business because you will be paid like a real business – 7 days a week!
  9. Have a burning desire to help people. The minute you change your mindset from “how can I sign up this prospect” to “how can I help this prospect achieve their goals” – you will see a transformation in your business!
  10. Just DO IT! All too often people talk about prospecting, but they don’t put the rubber to the pavement. You need to decide to hit the pavement everyday until you reach your goals. Suggestion go to VitaMistU.com and check out the “Do it” video.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my top 10 ways to improve your MLM Prospecting – and I know that if you apply these steps to your business right away, you will start seeing better results! There’s only one way to go and that’s UP!

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