What does October mean to you?

Is it the end of summer?  The start of fall?  Halloween, maybe?  Or are you thinking about the onset of winter, with longer nights and sitting in front of warm fires?  Before you know it, it will be the Holiday Season again.

The Holiday Season comes around every year!  Yet every single year I have heard “The Holidays” used as a “reason” for people to let their business slow down.  Well, just remember, you have a choice!  You can either have your freedom, or you can give excuses. In order for you to have the financial freedom you want, and the success you deserve in your VitaMist business, you need to give up two things right now: making excuses and blaming others!

I would guess that every single VitaMist Distributor is doing one of two things; either making money or blaming someone and giving excuses. Let me repeat myself. You are either making a success of your business, or you are giving excuses and blaming someone else for your failure. Imagine if you owned a McDonalds franchise, and you did not make any profit in your first month or year.  Would you blame the corporate office or the regional inspector? My guess is, you wouldn’t.  Why not?  Because the McDonalds system has made a lot of people very successful.

Giving excuses for your failure is simply to clear yourself from blame. So you had a home party with 49 guests and no one signed up.  Do you give up?  Your up-line’s phone was cut off and you couldn’t make a three way call.  Do you give up?  You can either make money or make an excuse.  I am urging you to take ownership of your own VitaMist business.

It would be nice for your up-line to be available 24/7. It would be nice for you to be a great speaker, with a Ph.D. in sales.  However, in reality, nothing is perfect.  DO WHATEVER IT TAKES.  If your closing skill is lacking, work on it.  If your marketing skill is lacking, work on it. If your communication skill is lacking, work on it. Do not give excuses. Instead of excuses, work on being good at your craft.

Not only do we give excuses, we find a way to blame others for our failure. YOU ARE YOUR UP-LINE!  Think about that for a minute.  If you know you are your own up-line, then you will not blame anyone else for your failure or lack of results.  Blaming others for your own failure is “the language of the mediocre,”  and I know that you are not mediocre!
In conclusion, as winter approaches, I would like to borrow a slogan from our the United States Army, “be all that you can be!”  I urge you to live your life with passion, and take responsibility for both your successes and your failures.  Remember, if you point a finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you.
Dream big dreams, then put on your overalls and go out and make your dreams come true –
~Fred Van Amburgh

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