What Supplements Should You Be Taking?

There are literally hundreds of vitamin and mineral supplements on the market today, all proclaiming to be the best. So what should YOU look for to make sure you really are getting the best?

 Product Development and Nutrient Reactions

Many nutrients are dependent upon one another, and that’s why VitaMist Products contain blends of nutrients that have been formulated to the highest standards in our own Arizona research laboratories.

Manufacturing Procedures

Fewer and fewer supplement companies do their own manufacturing. Some will even have their products made overseas in places like China. With VitaMist products you can rest assured that each and every VitaMist Spray Vitamin Tube is manufactured in the United States of America in our own Arizona-based Production Facility.

Product Quality & Freshness

VitaMist Products are made in smaller batches with the manufacturing process overseen by our staff. VitaMist uses only the finest quality ingredients in all our Products. What’s more, we stand behind our Products with our no nonsense 30-day money-back guarantee. Most companies don’t do this.

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