At a seminar I heard a great statement…

“Just DO Something”

I remember being frustrated when I first started and I complained to my father.  He made me sit down and asked me a simple question, ”Do you want to know the SECRET to success?” he asked.  “Absolutely!”  He then told me to stand up and look under my chair. I did and found a $100 bill taped to it. He said, “The secret is to get off your (you know what) and go make some money!”

So I started to get ACTIVE, and found that even if I wasn’t doing the BEST activity, it was better than what I call “perfect inaction,” which some of us may be categorized as doing at one point in time or another! It’s amazing when you STOP idling, and take yourself out of neutral, something happens! I can tell you many stories why activity is important but here are a just few to prove a point.

“The MORE activity you have, the LUCKIER you get!”

ACTION: Making Phone Calls

One day I was trying to reach a marketing company, and accidently called the wrong phone number.  I was very on edge that day, and really didn’t feel like having any of my time wasted, but the gentleman who answered the phone was very nice, and proceeded to try and help me.  He started to become interested in what I did for a living, so I invited him to a local seminar the next day.  What do you know, he shows up and signs up! I then helped him recruit a few of his “centers of influence” and found an ace. One of his buddies signed up and became one of the top recruiters in our state that year.

ACTION: Sending Emails

One day I was sending TONS of emails to build up a presence on the internet. I sent personalized emails with my business opportunity to specific companies searching for help on the Internet.

An extremely successful Internet Marketer in Colorado happened to reply and then asked for an info packet. I had SO MANY replies that I forgot to send the information until he so kindly reminded me! Once I sent the info… I forgot to follow up! (Don’t you hate that?) I had assumed he would not be interested… I pre-judged him…

Thank god he didn’t forget to follow up with me. Once he called me his objective was clear, he wanted to sign up and meet my wife and I at a major event in Dallas, TX.

ACTION: “Running Ads”

I have and always will love long-distance recruiting from ads. One day we received an inquiry from someone who was trying to help us reach more prospects. They were responding to sell us, but we, by accident, sold them! Because we were “open minded,” we ended up bringing a major marketing company into our business. (In the past I would have NOT called them back. I wanted prospects, not to be prospected!) Always be networking – no matter what you are doing.

“You don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but you have to be IN the shed!”

Understand that these “imperfect activities” led to great results, but we had to WORK! The fact that we were doing something is what led to these GREAT prospects. BUT you then have to put the time in. I am certainly NOT encouraging poor activities, but suggesting ACTION and the fact that when you just do something you have good, bad, and even lucky results!

“LUCK seems to have a peculiar attachment to WORK”

So get ACTIVE…no matter what, DO NOT sit by and wait…go out and get, every day, because you never know who is out there and WHEN they will BE there. Just DO something…you will see good, bad and even lucky results….everyday! The cold call you make today… The emails you send today… The ads you run today…. Could it be that one of your activities will change you life? Today? Tomorrow? Next week?

The only way you will ever KNOW is to get ACTIVE!