Let's all try to remember these wishes and suggestions I am sending you for a brighter New Year.

–Live your life to the fullest, and make each day count.

Life is not always fair, accept what you must and change what you can.

– Think before you act, a moment of carelessness or anger can cause years of anguish and regret.

– Look for the beauty in life, in people, in nature, and in yourself.

– Have simple pleasures in this complex world.

– Appreciate what you have; the people, the opportunities, the material possessions.

– Make the effort to have fun; it’s a great way to bond with others and it makes some of the best memories.

– Set aside some time for yourself; do something you enjoy without feeling even a little guilty.

– Be a joyous spirit and sensitive soul

– Take those long walks that would love to be taken

– Explore those sunlit paths that would love to oblige.

– Accept others without judgment; everyone is unique, and it’s okay to be different.

– Forgive; bitterness and resentment hurt you more than the person you direct them at.

– Learn; open your mind to new ideas and activities, and don’t be afraid to try.

– Dream; make plans, believe in yourself, make tomorrow happier by going there in ways that really matter

– And never ever forget that eventually dream-chasers become dream-catchers.

Here at your VitaMist family, these are some of the things that we hold true, and want for each and every one of you. We will be celebrating our 29th year, and it is destined to be one of the brightest years in our history.


From My Heart With LOV – Sari