The Summer Slow Down

Do things get slower in the summer?


Can you build a big business during the summer?


Huh?  How can I say things slow down in the summer and you can still build big?

Common sense.  Well, common sense and organized planning.

Those two things led to the biggest months I’ve ever had in MLM.  But it’s even bigger.

Everybody says the fall is a great building time….so …..If you have a big summer and have momentum coming into what most people believe is a ‘good building time’ you just get that much bigger.


We’ve got to understand that MLMer’s are prone to ‘convenient’ thinking……we tend to rationalize our sloth…..and contradict ourselves if we are not careful. What does virtually every MLMer say?   If you treat it like a hobby it will pay you like a hobby.  If you treat it like a business, it will pay you like a business. Here comes the ‘contradiction’ of convenience.   We no sooner get done saying ‘if you treat it like a business…‘ then say our business is not like other businesses….and that is always followed with some convoluted reasoning as to why making calls in the future is a good move.  Good Grief.  Talk about wanting it both ways.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

What do restaurants do with the same challenges?  The good ones, that is.

Plan ahead.

During holidays restaurants don’t need to push, at other times they do.  Most good restaurant owners, all good business owners for that matter, understand business planning.

Perfect Planning

Good planner know the difference between strategy and tactics… they hit their objectives.  They use common sense, understand their competition and leverage information, not commonly held beliefs to construct rock solid business plans that give them momentum coming into easier times…….they don’t wait for the seasons to change…..they are running a successful business.

What does that mean?

It means they define the ‘alleged’ slower times instead of letting the ‘alleged’ slower times define them.


Let’s say Al believes summer is slow……so he slows down……so will Harry’s group.
Nancy, on the other hand…..decides she’s not buying in [you’ll learn why you shouldn’t buy in by viewing the short video below]…..and builds during the summer.

So Al believes things pick up in mid September…….what does Al have to do in mid September?
Get his group and himself going again.  It will take at least 3-4 weeks to get rolling again.
Nancy hits September 15th with a white-hot team…..and things get even easier.
Nancy has built a 10 week head start on Al……that he will never be able to close up.
And the same sin will be committed by Al and his team again at Holiday season….falling another 10 weeks behind…….
Wait, it’s worse for Al……he’ll repeat that every year…….2x a year he gives one of his competitors 10 weeks.


There are 1000 Al’s to every 20 Nancy’s.

Nancy not only kicks butt in the summer……she hasn’t had to DO ANYTHING to eliminate 98% of her competition.

How much easier would it be for you if 98% of your competition vanished…….and they do 2x a year…..December and Summer…

What does Nancy know that Al doesn’t?


If we are going to make some money, we need to learn some network marketing skills.

Once we know the skills…..we need to use a key component from Think and Grow Rich, organized planning.

Common sense and organized planning ….. will change the lives of some people this summer……..what’s cool is that it is not about luck.