1. Perhaps the most powerful one is if you are involved in one of the work from home businesses that involves residual income; you can create a passive income with so little overhead it is crazy. Whether you like network marketing or not, be smart and understand residual income, it is the ONLY way to go. Trading dollars for hours with no possibility of ever earning income off past work is just stupid when so many options are available to you.
  2. My wife and dogs can sleep in. Notice I didn’t include me as I am an early bird and I am up early no matter what. However, I love the fact that my wife does not like mornings so she doesn’t need to see them lol.
  3. Not the case with everyone that works a home business but with network marketing, your product is lifestyle.  That being said, if you want to be a good marketer, TRAVEL MORE and share your videos and pictures with people.Also note, this industry is NOT just about making more money, do you think I enjoy the fact that I have spent more time with my loved ones the last three years than ever in my life? Help people see that you CAN have a great lifestyle while still building an income.
  4. Pay for Performance. If you are still in a job, let me ask you this, are you being paid what you are worth? Is the pay really reflective of the workload? I have been in jobs where I worked ten times harder than the people above me in the org chart but was never compensated as such. In network marketing you CAN make more than the person above you (I am one example)
  5. Save a boatload in taxes. Whether you are interested in work from home businesses or not, you are insane if you don’t own your own business as you save so much money each month in taxes. Check this out, on average, an employee that does not have any type of business sends about $475 extra to Obama, simply HAVING a home business saves you around $6,000 per year.
  6. Choose who you work with. Some may struggle to grasp this but in my home business I CHOOSE who I work with. If I talk to someone on the phone that has unrealistic expectations or is looking for a place to plug in their umbilical cord but not willing to follow directions, I won’t bring them onboard my business. I only work with people truly wanting to change their lives not people setting up a path of blame.
  7. Like my friend Tom Davis said to me, to create a successful work from home business, it’s just copycat marketing. You locate someone who has the lifestyle and level of success you desire and then, just get closer with them, join their team and learn from them. In most industries people will not tell you exactly what they did to become successful as they come from a competitive mindset, in network marketing, we WANT people to know exactly how to succeed.