There are many fish in the ocean that swim and swirl 

But it’s the oyster that turns water into Pearl;

Ideas numerous, as many drops as the ocean can hold

But it’s the person who can turn ideas into gold.

“ The Pearl”  by Shahriar Shahriari

When I was reading this poem, I thought about all the pearls of wisdom that were shared with all of us over the last month.  We had information from Bill in our last newsletter, we had our morning focus calls, our training calls, our product calls, along with the great words of wisdom on our last LOV call by Angela Borders and the ladies who joined her in the open forum discussion.

Summer is upon us and as we start out I’d like to give you a few more words of wisdom;

“Use this summer as an Opportunity!”  

As you head for your vacation, do what Bret Grubb’s and so many others do; use those trips to tell people all over the country about VitaMist and expand your networks outside your hometown and across America.

Spray your vitamins everywhere you go!

I know that each and every one of you have the ability and desire to turn the Pearls you have been given into gold.

From My Heart With


– Sari