One of the most incredible weekends in the history of VitaMist has drawn to a close, 2013 HOMECOMING.

The weekend got off to a great start on Friday evening with a reception at the Home Office.  We had a chance to rekindle old friendships and make new ones. During the course of the evening everyone was treated to a tour of the building and our newly remodeled Production and Shipping facility by the best Guide in the business, the President of VitaMist, my son Bill!

It was a weekend of amazing training, new tools, new ideas and an incredible new Product. To all of you who joined us Thank You!  For those who couldn’t be there I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

I know how I felt over this past weekend and I hope all of you felt the same;

For my whole life

I have never felt at home in my own home

Never spent it laughing the whole day long

Never stopped the crying

But I have often dreamed

Of a far away place

Filled with people who cheer for me

Whenever they see my face

Welcoming me

With the warmest of welcomes

And deep down inside

I can hear the voices telling me

This is where I’m meant to be

Excerpt from “Where I belong” by Jeanette Lopez

I cherished having all of you home and am so looking forward to next year.

From My Heart With




– Sari