February has always been referred to as the month of LOVE.  For me, though, it means more than that.  It’s the month in which I was born (more years ago than I want to talk about).  It’s the month my husband past away.  It’s the month 9 years ago that my whole world changed.  Therefore it is the month of LOV, but most of all it’s a month of change.

Change, excuses and security, three words that seem to go hand in hand.  So many of us are scared of change, we make excuses, and we long for security.  We are all guilty of habits that prevent us from reaching our goals, prevent us from being “all we can be” and stop us from stepping outside of our comfort zone.

But without change, there would be no seasons.  We could be immersed in an endless winter.  We must embrace change, we must advance and we must move forward.  After all, isn't change one of the basic values upon which VitaMist was built?  We do not accept the status quo; we do not accept that pills are the only way to take your vitamins.

This message of change is heard more and more on every conference and focus call.  VitaMist is evolving even more so into the Company of change and innovation.  We do things a little differently, and we are proud of that.  We are not scared of change.

“Excuses” and “security” often come with “change”.  We've all heard the phrases, “stop making excuses,” and “step outside of your comfort zone!"  I know it’s not always easy, but take my word for it. I did it 9 years ago, and now is your time.  Wear your lanyard proudly, talk to people about VitaMist, and invite people onto the calls.

To quote Benjamin Franklin, the American Statesman and Inventor-

    "When you’re finished changing you’re finished”

 For this Very special LOV month, I wish for you from my heart:

Happiness - Deep down within.

Serenity - With each sunrise

Close and caring friends.

Love - That never ends.

A bright today - With much to be thankful for.

A path - That leads to beautiful Tomorrows.

Dreams - That do their best to come true.

And appreciation.- of all the wonderful things about you.

(Blue Mountain Arts)