At VitaMist, we try to teach and encourage leadership.

When we call someone a leader, what we often mean is that they are at the pinnacle of their speciality; their accomplishments inspire and ‘lead by example’.  But that isn’t really what leadership is.  Leaders are not just high achievers.  They influence others around them, encouraging them to achieve, and in particular cases, to become leaders themselves.

In other words, genuine leaders do not hold the hands of their followers, guiding them as if they’re children crossing the street. To honestly lead and inspire, one must create an environment in which everyone can develop their potential.

Most individuals have the capacity to lead when their skills fit the circumstances, but being the unquestioned leader is not the only way to contribute to the group dynamic.  For some, their gifts are best suited for a supporting role.  Followers who know how to play a supporting role are vital to any group’s success.  Even the greatest leaders need backers who believe in and assist with the work that they do.

Supporters support, which sounds simple enough, but let’s think for a moment about what ‘support’ means.  Definitions of the term repeat the same phrases again and again.  To hold up and serve as a foundation for;  to endure without giving way; to sustain the mind, spirits and courage of a person under trial.  Supporters don’t exactly have it easy, either.  In fact, the best supporters do all of this while also holding the person at the forefront of the group to a high standard of leadership.

Think about which of these roles fits you the best, and whichever you determine, we will try to help you cultivate your abilities to guarantee that you will be appreciated.

 Whether you are a leader or take a supporting role, you are equally important here at VitaMist.

From My Heart With LOV,