How the Prospects Rated the Factors

By Bill Deihl
on August 01, 2018

How the Prospects Rated the Factors

We surveyed prospects to see how THEY rate the various factors that go into the presentation you give them. What caught their 

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How to Grow Your Business Through the Holidays

By Bill Deihl
on December 01, 2017

How to Grow Your Business Through the Holidays

Let me share something with you that might seem simplistic, but I promise you is quite profound:

How you close one month is how you open the next one. And how you close the year determines how you bring in the next one. So, want to have an amazing 2018, hit all your goals, and exceed the highest income you’ve ever earned? Work it backwards from there; it really begins with you having an amazing first quarter. Which starts with a smoking hot January. And that only happens if you and your team.

Stay focused and active, over the holidays.

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7 Sizzling Secrets of Self-made Millionaires

By William Deihl
on December 01, 2016

7 Sizzling Secrets of Self-made Millionaires

Another man mentioned in this article used these secrets to creating a multi-million dollar company and become an Award Winner of Forbes Magazine's "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award.

A woman you'll read about used these secrets to become a multi-millionaire and never has to work another day in her life.

You'll also read about secrets another gentleman used to become a household name and get incredibly rich.

Plus, these secrets have been used by virtually every self-made millionaire who has ever lived!

So, let's jump right in!

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What Does Holiday Mean?

By William Deihl
on November 01, 2016

What Does Holiday Mean?

H is for HOPE

This is the best time of year to be a "Hope promoter" and engage in conversations about the kind of incredible Hope that you now have for a great life, and how you are so thankful for your business. Hold conversations and create Hope in folks in the financial and Success parts of their life in 2017. Find out what they want and create Hope to obtain them with your company. "What would it mean to you to have the best year you ever had Financially in 2017?...I have an idea I would like to share with you..." Become a Hope promoter and change lives.


Get organized.  Get your old leads out and put a plan together to send them a card, or give them a call, or contact them next year. Get organized in your follow-ups, and your potential leads for 2017, and your vehicles for lead generation. Get a system for recording them, and start treating your business like a business. Get organized with a tracking system, and become accountable to it.

L is for LISTEN

Listen during the Holidays like you never have before.  Listen to people who are not satisfied or happy with their jobs, and to those who are complaining about a lack of money. Listen to your friends about their plans for 2017 and see how you can integrate your business with them. Listen to your downline and increase your leadership with them.  Motivate them with words of encouragement to recruit and develop a more powerful group. Listen to your heart, and hear what's it's trying to tell you.  You may not be working hard enough in your business, as 90% of networkers never do.


You MUST create an Increase in Focus, Mindset, and Heartset. You must move from a "lack" to an "increase" mentality in 2017; it will make you more magnetic when you are recruiting. You must focus on how you and your business can Increase other's lives and futures, as well as your own. Then tell lots of people how to make that happen. You must create an "Environment of Increase" in your life and business, which will grow you and your skill set tremendously...

D is for DARE

Dare to go harder and recruit more next year than you ever have before. Dare to see further into the future with people and see Total Success for both them and you. Dare to step out of your Recruiting "Comfort Prison," that you are in. Dare to engage in new tactics and strategies with the passion that they demand, and MASTER them. Dare to embrace the dreams of your prospect and show them how you can help them achieve these dreams. Dare to go beyond what you did this year, and make the Holidays a growth curve, not a slow curve!


Accelerate your recruiting strategy this season. Do more. Go more. Talk more. See more people. Accelerate your goals to where they need to be to create something extraordinary with your business. Accelerate your prospect's dreams and desires by talking about 2017 with them and finding out where they want to be. Then show them how to accelerate their chances of obtaining them.

Y is for YES

Say YES to your success in recruiting and creating a massive group. Too many times we say NO because we are so used to limiting ourselves. Say YES to people who tell you NO. YES, you understand, YES, you will be successful, and YES their "NO" doesn't bother you. Say YES to Exploding your business right out of the gate in 2017. Recruit with a fervor never seen before, and with that type of YES focus, it will be hard to tell you NO. Say YES to talking to more people during the holidays than you ever have, and say YES to collecting more NOs than you ever have. KILLER Secret: Whoever collects the most NOs... gets rich.

How to Approach a Spa With VitaMist

By William Deihl
on October 01, 2016

How to Approach a Spa With VitaMist

Five key questions:
  • For how much do you recommend they sell the products?
  • For how much will you sell the products to the spa?
  • How should they promote the products in their spa?
  • Where do you suggest the product be displayed?
  • Why will your product sell more than their other products?

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    240 Years of Success and Six Lessons to Learn!

    By William Deihl
    on January 01, 2016

    Over 240 years of Success for one of the world’s most highly trained units, an outfit that every known military worldwide fears.

    The United States Marine Corps!

    A former US Marine shares a few hints as to why they are so proud, strong and successful!

    USMC Lesson #1- Follow their CREED!

    One of the Marine Corps many creeds is "Semper Fidelis". This means "Always Faithful" - and you should be to your associates, your company and your future. Always stay in one place and commit for the long run.

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    A New You for the New Year

    By Bill Deihl
    on January 01, 2016

    Dear VitaMist Family,

    2016 is already upon us, and with a new year comes new resolutions. I say “new” resolutions, but we tend to make the same ones over and over. “This year I will lose weight.” “This year I will l eat healthier.” “This year I will l quit my bad habits.” “This year I will grow my business.” “This year I will meet new and exciting people.” “This year I will….”

    When I hear these resolutions, I feel like there must be some way I can help you achieve them. Not just some of them, like being healthier with VitaMist, or losing weight with our diet support program. The VitaMist family wants you to reach all of your goals. Every single one of them. A new you for the new year.

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    The 12 Steps to Health and Success

    By Bill Deihl
    on December 03, 2015

    The 12 Steps to Health and Success

    Making VitaMist Work for You

    Just as there are 12 days of Christmas, there are 12 steps to jump-start your New Year.

    1. Write down what you want to do this New Year, e.g. lose weight; stop smoking; use VitaMist products every day; make $$$ with your VitaMist business; travel to new places.
    2. Now, make a contract with yourself. For example:Key to Success
      “I (your name) will make $5,000.00 (or any amount you want) from my VitaMist business by (date). I (your name) will do everything in my power to reach this goal."
      And then sign it.  The more detailed your contract, the better.
    3. Write down your goals!  I know this may sound redundant, but what I’m saying here is that you should write down your daily, weekly, and monthly goals to help you reach your ultimate goal – the contract with yourself.  For example:

      “Daily – Sell 3 products today!”
      “Weekly – Send in 15 new Golden Tube candidates!”
      “Monthly – Hold 3 product clinics or business briefings each month!
    4. Use the Products! Use the Products each and every day, no matter where you are! VitaMist Products are so revolutionary they will make people ask questions.
    5. Have a favorite product! And when people ask, tell them why it’s your favorite. “It makes me feel GREAT!” “It’s so easy and convenient to use!”
    6. Have fresh products on hand! It’s easier to close someone if you have at least part of their order on hand.
    7. Make a “Warm List”! Write down a list of all people that will be interested in the product and the opportunity. And never stop adding to it. By keeping a paper and pen with you at all times, you never know when a name will come to mind. 
    8. Use the GOLDEN TUBE system. It’s so easy to qualify for this program, and once you have qualified, just send your “hot list” to the Company and we will send each person on your list a Golden Tube, with samples of the products and all the paperwork they will need to make an informed decision. 
    9. Get everyone you know to join our Conference Calls – Product call on Thursday, the Training call on Monday, and Ladies of VitaMist on last Tuesday of the month, focus calls every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning. This way, your prospects will learn first-hand what all the buzz is about.  On some calls, they will even be offered free products.
    10. Keep Applications on hand! Some people will want to sign up right away so always be prepared!
    11. Study the Pocket Passport to Success. By just reading it once a week you will come up with new ideas on how to grow your business.
    12. Use the 3-foot rule! Anybody within 3 feet of you is a candidate! Everywhere you go there are people interested in your products and your business The key to finding these people is YOU! It is up to YOU to let them know.

    With these 12 steps, you are on your way to a great New Year.  Follow these steps and 2016 will be full of Happiness, Heath, and Wealth.

    We just want to say, from your VitaMist family, that we are honored to play a part in your future health and wealth.

    Thank you.

    Top 10 Holiday Business Building Secrets

    By William Deihl
    on December 01, 2015

    What can you do to accelerate your business during the Holiday season and get it going during what most folks perceive as the "slow down time" of the year for other network marketing?

    First off, REFUSE to participate this year in the slowdown that most network marketers fall prey to. You do not have to, as we never did, and neither should you.

    Here is a list of the top 10 things you can do for your small business success during the holidays:

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    Talk to Anybody, At Any Time

    By William Deihl
    on November 01, 2015

    Most people have been in this situation: At a social or business function and you end surrounded by people youConversation have never met before. You may become uncomfortable with the circumstances because you don't know how to start or carry on a conversation.

    Successful people find themselves in these situations because they stretch themselves and put themselves in new places. That's why their businesses grow; by meeting new people. If you want to be successful, the one thing you have to get down is knowing how to talk to anybody, anytime.  The good news?  It is easier than you think!

     There are two things for you NOT to do:

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    5 Tips to build your Business during this Holiday Season

    5 Tips to build your Business during this Holiday Season

    November 07, 2018

    Can you believe the holiday season is just around the corner? I know, I know, we really don’t want to think about that, but it’s coming, like it or not!


    With the hustle and bustle of the season, sometimes we forget that this is also a great time to plant seeds for your business to find product users. It is written, there is a time to sow and a time to reap. What you sow during the holidays will bear much fruit during the upcoming growing season. (January – March are

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    The Power of Being Grateful

    The Power of Being Grateful

    November 07, 2018

    I love Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday. Family, food, friends, and football thrown in for good measure. But I digress.


    What I like about Thanksgiving is it’s about giving thanks. And I think gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions out there. Why is it so powerful? It is powerful because it can change your life.

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