Close Friends Are Good For Your Health

By VitaMist Ltd
on October 25, 2017

Close Friends Are Good For Your Health

It’s pretty well-established at this point that having friends is good for you — over the years, study after study has found that social support is a significant predictor of a long, healthy life.

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Rekindle Your Romance

By Steve Moren
on February 01, 2016
I don’t usually write articles on sparking romance; health tips are kind of my thing.  But it’s February, which means Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  So to get you ready for February 14th (Yes, it’s that soon, guys.  Trust me, I just googled it.) here are some health tips that will lead a healthier, more fulfilling life, with the bonus of getting your libido back to where you want it.  You won’t find classic quick tips here, like “Plan a date night!”  Just like a relationship, these tips take some time and effort.

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How to Build Emotional Intelligence

By William Deihl
on February 01, 2016

Every year after it gets cold, but before the first snow, preschool teacher Sabrina North asks parents to send in children's snow clothes. For the next few weeks, she helps 3-year-olds learn how to put on snowsuits, mittens, boots, and hats.

Again and again and again, she cheerfully deflects the whining and frustration until all the children can do it themselves.

The practicing pays off once the snow comes, but for North, this isn't just about teaching independence. She's teaching emotional intelligence or EQ.


EQ refers to social and emotional skills, to a person's capacity for relationships and sensitivity to oneself and others. It's a bit of a buzzword these days, but the concept of emotional intelligence has been around for decades; anyone who has been in therapy undoubtedly has been exposed to it, and many of us as parents promote it intuitively.

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