What You Should Eat After Overeating

By Steve Moren
on December 01, 2017

What You Should Eat After Overeating

We’ve all done it.  Every one of us has overeaten at some point, and it’s bound to happen again.  So what should you do after overindulging?  Rather than wallowing in guilt and making empty promises, it’s healthier to take a proactive approach.

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Suppressing Your Appetite

By Steve Moren
on January 01, 2016
I received an email in mid-December asking about appetite suppressants.  My response was around ten times longer than it needed to be.  This is a habit of mine, as some of you well know.  After replying, I thought of two or three or ten more bits of information that I could have included.  Rather than harassing a potential customer with multiple barrages of information, sending them into an information overload induced stupor, I decided that this topic would make for a decent Health Tip article.  Especially considering how often “weight loss” is added to our lists of New Year’s Resolutions.  So here we are.  Everything you ever wanted to know about suppressing your appetite.

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A New You for the New Year

By Bill Deihl
on January 01, 2016

Dear VitaMist Family,

2016 is already upon us, and with a new year comes new resolutions. I say “new” resolutions, but we tend to make the same ones over and over. “This year I will lose weight.” “This year I will l eat healthier.” “This year I will l quit my bad habits.” “This year I will grow my business.” “This year I will meet new and exciting people.” “This year I will….”

When I hear these resolutions, I feel like there must be some way I can help you achieve them. Not just some of them, like being healthier with VitaMist, or losing weight with our diet support program. The VitaMist family wants you to reach all of your goals. Every single one of them. A new you for the new year.

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The Link Between Obesity and Dementia

By Steve Moren
on September 10, 2015

 A new study has shown a direct link between BMI (Body Mass Index), and the speed at which Alzheimer’s Disease develops.  In fact, each extra point of BMI can cause Alzheimer’s disease to develop seven months earlier than it would have if your weight had been within healthy levels.  These are staggering results.  Especially when you consider that a person who is only mildly obese (BMI of around 30) is at risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease three years sooner.  That’s three additional years of lost time, lost memories, confusion, stress, worry and financial strain...

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Back to School!

By Bill Deihl
on August 01, 2015

Hello,  VitaMist Family,

It's school time again!  You're probably feeling excited and maybe a little sad that summer is over.  As our children prepare to go back to school across the country, so many parents would like the opportunity to stay home with them while still trying to find a way to contribute to the family income.

It seems that, in these difficult times, having a duel income is a necessity. When it comes to the high cost of living and the many expenses associated with having a family, it's hard to keep up without some extra income.

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Never Stop Dreaming

By William Deihl
on January 02, 2015

Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are one of the most fascinating traditions of Native Americans. The traditional dream catcher was intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams, while letting positive dreams through. The positive dreams would slip through the hole in the center of the dream catcher, and glide down the feathers to the sleeping person below. The negative dreams would get caught up in the web, and expire when the first rays of the sun struck them.

The dream catcher has been a part of Native American culture for generations. One element of Native American dream catcher relates to the tradition of the hoop. Some Native Americans of North America held the hoop in the highest esteem, because it symbolized strength and unity. Many symbols started around the hoop, and one of these symbols is the dream catcher.

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Happy New Year!

By Bill Deihl
on January 02, 2015

It seems almost unbelievable that it is 2015

I have a wonderful idea! How about we make some New Year's goals this year and really try hard to achieve them.

Let’s think about it…. What would you like to have happen in your life this year? What would you like to do, to accomplish? What level in VitaMist, would you like to achieve by the end of the year? What good would you like to attract into your life? What particular areas of growth would you like to have happen to you? What would you like to attain? Little things and big things? Where would you like to go? What would you like to have happen in friendship and love? What would you like to have happen in your family life? Think about it…. I’m sure you can add so much more to your list.

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By Bill Deihl
on July 01, 2014

What an incredible month June has been, and as I write this, it’s still not quite over! Throughout June our VitaMist family has been expanding like never before. VitaMist really is exploding!

 Steering a business like VitaMist is never straightforward. Our Distributors are all over the country and it is our job, at the Home Office in Phoenix, to keep everyone up to date and informed about what is going on. Over the past 2 – 3 years we have tried a lot of new and exciting approaches, some have worked, others have not! Over the last couple of months we have started to see what works and what does not in our quest to make VitaMist into a turnkey system.

 What do I mean by turnkey? Well, in a turnkey business, the emphasis is on “the system.” The system must be so effective and so reproducible, that you can be sure that the same result is produced each time. Perhaps one of the best examples of the turnkey business is McDonalds. The McDonalds franchise owner needs to do very little apart from ‘turn the keys’ of the operation and “the system” takes care of the rest. The result? McDonalds franchises have a 1400% higher success rate than traditional businesses.

 Our goal at VitaMist is to do the same thing, and “the system” is falling into place. You will see it all fall into place this month at the homecoming event and the months to follow. When you leave homecoming, you will have the foundations of the turnkey system, with the month to come you will see the introduction of more parts of the system, like a DVD/CD that can be handed to people as a great way to pre-qualify them for VitaMist. If YOU follow the system, then you, just like the McDonalds owner, will have a 1400% higher success rate than traditional network marketing.


Albert Einstein could have been talking about VitaMist when he said:


Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler.

 -Albert Einstein-


How to Jumpstart your business for the New Year

By William Deihl
on January 02, 2014

With New Year beginning you may be realizing it is time to jumpstart your business again.

It’s not always easy to get back into high gear after holidays.

In fact, my family and I just got back from our annual Christmas vacation, and I had a few moments myself where I wondered, “Where do I start?” I decided to just choose two things to get done. This kicked in the momentum again and, for better or worse, it didn’t take too long for the sound of holidays to become a distant memory!

Every type of business has cycles and seasons, and our industry is no exception. As a rule, holidays are not the biggest growth period in network marketing. Rules can be broken though – VitaMist experienced some of our best month EVER in November and December.

If your business didn’t grow this holidays don’t beat yourself up. What you did in the holidays was plant seeds, and those seeds will bear fruit in the New Year. In fact, January through July can be the most productive season in our business, so you definitely have time to make the year very successful. NOW is the time to make it happen.

Here are some ways to jumpstart your business starting today:

Jumpstart Your Business by SETTING GOALS

Set goals for you and your team as to what you will accomplish in the next 90 days units. How many new business builders will you have? How many teams will you be working with by December? How many people will be on wellness programs by the end of the year? What rank advancement will you be celebrating by next New Year’s Eve?

Jumpstart Your Business with OUTREACH

Over the coming months, focus on prospecting, networking, meeting new people, and calling the people you know. Commit to connecting with five to ten people every day, and just watch… You will get what you want!  Make sure you have at least two voice-to-voice connections every day – that will make all the difference.

Jumpstart Your Business LOCALLY

In today’s age of the Internet, more opportunities for connecting with prospects are available to us than ever before. Yet, don’t kid yourself that the Internet is the only playground you are going to play in – you are leaving too much on the table if you do that. It doesn’t work for me how some Internet marketers paint a bad picture about in-person marketing. The truth is, it all works, but you will want to focus locally to get a team in your backyard going.

You can have a lucrative business all over the country and the world. Just remember – your LOCAL community is the best place to start.

Jumpstart Your Business with ROUND ROBINS

A great way to jumpstart your business locally is by playing a game of Round Robin. Start a string of meetings – first at your house, then the next person’s, then and the next. Moving from family room to family room will jumpstart your business and put your town on the map. Make your hometown the area that has the meeting going on every night. If you are the only person in your area, consider it a blessing and go for it! Become the top-ranking leader your town deserves.

Jumpstart Your Business with ONLINE SUPPORT

Social media and the Internet are there to complement what you are building in person with one-to-one meetings and home parties. Stay in touch with your local friends on Facebook to keep those relationships going. If you love LinkedIn, reach out to new connections in your area.

Take serious advantage of your next 90 days unit. What you do for New Year will absolutely jumpstart your business!

Everything's Coming Together

By Bill Deihl
on April 01, 2013

What a great year it is to be in VitaMist®.

Have you noticed how everything is coming together in 2013?  Everyone is becoming more and more focused on our common goal as we are finding out what is working and what is not.  Because of YOU, our Distributor Family, and what they have suggested and look at how we have simplified some of our website VitaMist.com , all with the aim of helping you with your business development.

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Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions

December 01, 2017

On December 25th, we will be joining our family and love ones by sitting down for Christmas Dinner.  I know I am and I am sure we are all very, very grateful for what we have in our lives.

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