We Are Battery Operated

By Steve Moren
on August 01, 2015

Did you know that humans are battery operated?

Meditating, energetic man

It’s true.  The cells in our bodies will all do their own thing with the chemical energy alone.  However, to coordinate these processes, correctly time your heart’s rhythm,trigger your muscles so that they contract and relax in unison and even to have the thoughts and memories that make you who you are…  for all of that, we need battery power.  Electrical energy runs the computer that is our brains.  This electrical energy controls everything we do by providing us with a timing mechanism for critical processes.  It is also used as a communication network that can send signals through the brain and spine out to organs and extremities far faster than any chemical method could.

As a quick physics refresher, remember that everything is made of atoms.  Atoms themselves can be further divided into the protons and neutrons that inhabit the core of the atom, and the electrons that move throughout the space around that core.  Protons and electrons are electromagnetically charged particles, whereas neutrons have a neutral charge.  To make it easier to conceptualize, we call electromagnetic charges either positive (protons) or negative (electrons).  Now, this has nothing to do with the particle’s outlook on life, and you’re not going to find electrons hanging out at dimly lit coffee bars reading Edgar Allen Poe.  Positive and negative are just the words we use to describe these opposite charges.

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ATP: Life's Power Supply

By Steve Moren
on August 01, 2015

What is energy?

Energy is a property of matter.  Matter roughly amounts to “stuff” that takes up space, such as atoms, chemical compounds and a whole lot more.  Energy is something that all matter has in some form or another.  Just as every person has a height and weight, all matter has energy.  And just as an individual's height and weight can change, matter’s energy levels can change.  Energy is ultimately caused by the four fundamental forces of nature, electromagnetism, gravity, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force.

There Are Many Types of Energy

Kinetic energy is the energy of action.  Any object in motion has kinetic energy, whether it is a vehicle driving down the highway, or a single molecule vibrating and jostling around.

 Potential energy is “stored energy”.  All matter possesses potential energy in the form of nuclear, gravitational, electromagnetic and chemical energy, at the same time.

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Attack of the Killer Antibiotics

By Steve Moren
on July 01, 2015
Anthropomorphized antibiotics on a rampageI want to address an abuse of one of the greatest medical discoveries of the last century.  This epidemic has rapidly become one of >the most critical public health concerns of our time.  You are probably thinking that I am talking about the abuse of illegal drugs and painkillers, but I am not.  I am talking about the misuse of antibiotics.

Every year, our families face their share of colds, sore throats, and stomach aches.  When we do, we expect our doctors to prescribe us something to cure it.  Leaving the doctor empty-handed seems like a rip-off.   After all, what did we even visit the doctor for if they are not going to hand us an antibiotic or some cure in pill form?  As it turns out, leaving the doctor's office without that pill shaped treatment could be the best thing for us.

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