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Why was it created?

The South Beach Diet, named after sunny South Beach in Miami Florida,  was created to be a tasty alternative to common diets that feature bland foods.  Often called a modified low-carb diet, it focuses on reducing carbs, but not to the point of your typical low carb diet like Atkins.  This diet is high in lean protein, healthy fats and fiber, making it more filling than most diets.  The key emphasizes are the reduction of carbs, a sharp reduction in saturated fats, and an increase in fiber to help lower your cholesterol.  At first glance, this seems like an outstanding diet, until you hold it up to the light.

What will you be craving because of deficiencies?

Sugar.  This surprisingly doesn’t have much to do with the reduced carbohydrates.  The South Beach Diet’s emphasis on cutting cholesterol and lowering the glycemic index causes it to miss out on a lot of key nutrients, including the B vitamins.  These vitamins are used to convert calories into energy, so even if you have the calories to burn, there aren’t enough micronutrients to burn them.  Think of it like building a fire.  You have all the wood you need (calories), but if there’s not enough oxygen (B-Complex vitamins), you’ll smother your fire.  This leaves you feeling sapped of energy and in need of a quick pick-me-up in the form of candy bars and other unhealthy treats.

What nutrient deficiencies will cause your cravings?

B-Complex Vitamins  As I mentioned, this diet falls short nearly all B vitamins.  Studies showed that the South Beach Diet falls only a little short of the recommended targets with Riboflavin (94%), Niacin (94%), Vitamin B6 (90%), and Folate (83%), none of these are significant enough to warrant major concern short term.  Though pregnant women and women who are trying to become pregnant should be supplementing with Folate.  The real danger comes in the other B-Complex levels,  Thiamine (66%), Vitamin B5 (45%), Vitamin B12 80%, and especially Biotin 7%.  Recommended Products: D-Stress or RevitalizerB12, and Biotin Plus.

Fat Soluble Vitamins The South Beach Diet contains more than enough vitamin A to keep your eyes healthy, and enough vitamin K to interfere with blood thinners, but where it is distinctly lacking is in hitting the recommended daily amounts of Vitamin D (51%) and Vitamin E (23%).  Recommended Products: Vitamin D and E+Selenium, or Multiple. (This diet has a lot of Selenium, so we recommend getting your additional Vitamin E & Vitamin D through our Multiple spray.)

Minerals Like most diets, this one is severely lacking in minerals, particularly Chromium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, and Zinc.  Recommended Products: Minerals and C+Zinc.

South Beach Booster Pack

The South Beach Diet is a fantastic plan to help you lose weight, but it too has its weaknesses.  Strengthen your diet with the South Beach Booster Pack.  This supplement stack contains our Core 4of MultipleMineralsB12, and C+Zinc, in addition to our Biotin Plus and D-Stress Sprays.

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