Citrulline is an important amino acid that is closely related to arginine.  While arginine can be thought of as a 'functional' protein, generating nitric oxide for you, citrulline is a 'structural' protein that is used to repair muscle and tissue.  However, that's not all that citrulline has up its' sleeves.  Our bodies are built to convert citrulline into arginine and arginine into citrulline, depending on which amino acid is needed at the time.  Combining citrulline with your arginine supplementation will give you an initial spike of arginine, followed by a slower release of arginine from the conversion of citrulline over time.

Citrulline is often used for sports performance and heart health. Citrulline supplementation may result in reduced fatigue, improved aerobic endurance, and anaerobic endurance.  Citrulline also increases the amino acid ornithine in the blood, which aids in the process of recycling ammonia and the metabolism of nitric oxide.


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