Pantothenic Acid

Vitamin B5, commonly known by its chemical name, pantothenic acid, is a B-Complex Vitamin. Like its fellow water-soluble vitamins, vitamin B5 helps convert carbs into glucose, a significant energy source for the body. B-Complex vitamins also play roles in putting fats and proteins to work, for skin, hair, eye, and liver health, and assisting in proper nervous system function.

Beyond the usual B-Complex functions, pantothenic acid is critical in the production red blood cells, producing many of the body’s hormones, maintaining a healthy digestive tract, and it even helps the body use other B-Complex vitamins, particularly Riboflavin (Vitamin B2).

Pantothenic acid is essential to all living things and is found naturally in all unprocessed food sources. It is especially prevalent in organ meats, fish, eggs, dairy, mushrooms, and avocados. Pantothenic acid is in all natural food sources, and deficiency is rare for people who consume a well-rounded diet. Processing and the cooking food can destroy a lot of its nutrients, but those who stick to an organic diet or consume raw fruits and vegetables should not have to worry about supplementing with pantothenic acid. For diets consisting mainly of fast foods and processed snacks, or for people who don’t eat enough calories, sub-optimal levels of pantothenic acid can be a concern.

Like most water-soluble vitamins, there are no harmful side effects noted when taking large amounts of pantothenic acid, aside from minor digestive issues when using the calcium pantothenate form used in many pill supplements.

Pantothenic Acid and one of its derivatives, pantethine, are currently being researched for their use in aiding with several different conditions. Thus far all research studies are either in their preliminary stages, or they were small studies, which makes their conclusions less convincing. At this point, there is no reliable evidence that pantothenic acid is effective for any reason other than meeting your daily requirement.

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