Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is a B-Complex vitamin that produces two chemicals, called cofactors, abbreviated FAD and FMN.  Some proteins are dependent on these cofactors to function in your body, and riboflavin is the sole source of them.  FAD and FMN are also known as flavoproteins.

Riboflavin deficiency causes a condition known as ariboflavinosis, but it is very rare in developed countries.  Ariboflavinosis symptoms include various ailments of the mouth and throat membranes, as well as skin and eye problems.  Suboptimal levels of riboflavin that don't fall low enough to be considered a deficiency are slightly more common, but tend not result in any major, health-threatening conditions.

Groups that may benefit from riboflavin supplementation include adolescent and young adult women outside of the US and Canada, where many foods are already fortified with riboflavin; seniors, who tend to have less than optimal riboflavin levels; and pets whose food is seldom ever fortified with this B vitamin.

Riboflavin supplementation is less of a concern than other B vitamins.  For some, it may be at suboptimal levels, but this issue is more easily remedied by including healthier foods in your diet, or using food products fortified with vitamin B2.

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