Vitamin B6

Vitamin B-6, also known as Pyridoxine, is vital for healthy brain development, nervous system health and supports the immune system by making antibodies to fight diseases. B6 also aids in the production of hemoglobin, the iron-containing protein within red blood cells that transports oxygen. Like most B-Complex vitamins, B6 plays a roll in the metabolism by breaking down proteins into the necessary amino acids, and by aiding in the regulation of blood sugar. In fact, Vitamin B6 is essential to the formation of over 100 enzymes, the vast majority of which are for the metabolism of proteins. In short, the more protein you eat, the more Vitamin B6 you need to process it.
You obtain Vitamin B6 through eating fish, organ meats, starchy vegetables, and fruit. Most individuals with a Vitamin B6 deficiency have additional B-Complex deficiencies. The most common reasons for this deficiency are kidney disease, malabsorption due to digestive issues, certain medications, and poor diet. Lack of sufficient Pyridoxine can cause a form of anemia, reduce energy levels, weaken the immune system, cause confusion and depression.

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