Content Policy

Content usage policy regarding using content from VitaMist, Ltd. owned, managed or maintained websites (referred to as “our websites”) or promotional materials.

I) Images

Without prior approval distributor may only use images from our websites that are designed for advertising and are clearly marked and indicated that they are available for advertising purposes. These images are typically in the common advertising banner sizes.

  1. Distributors may make requests for approval for use of other images on our websites, but this approval when granted will only apply to images that are created by us that we completely own the rights to.
  2. VitaMist, Ltd. will not and can not give permission for use for any image that is licensed or purchased from other companies such as Getty Images, iStockPhoto, and other providers.
  3. Our licensing terms do not include the ability to grant these permissions and as a result we will not give this permission.
  4. A good indicator that an image was licensed from a third party company is if it contains anything other than just our products, this can include (but not limited to) scenery, people, items, etc. So for a basic rule of thumb, permission will never be granted by us for use of any image that is not an image of just our product alone.
  5. If requested, and if feasible, we will identify the source of any image used to allow the distributor to license it for themselves.
  6. When permission is granted for a distributor to use specific images, the distributor may download a copy of the image and serve it from their own website. Directly linking (also known as hotlinking) to the images on any VitaMist Ltd. web server is forbidden.

II) Text content

  1. Permission can be requested to re-use text from our websites, but will only be granted for text that is specific to products and must contain any disclaimers, descriptions and context that they contain on our web site.
  2. Distributors must be careful to maintain the exact same context used, and update their copy of the text whenever our version is changed.
  3. Distributors may make no medical claims regarding our products. This includes, but is not limited to, claims regarding curing or treating any disease or medical condition, or statements regarding how the product is absorbed that are not approved by VitaMist, Ltd.
  4. The entire text of a section or product description must be used to ensure that proper context is used, selective quoting may not be used.
  5. Permission will not be granted for third party articles, only for content generated specifically by VitaMist, Ltd.
  6. Content from promotional materials such as brochures, magazines, catalogs, etc. is intended to be used as-is, whole without selective use, and as such prior permission must be obtained before using any portion of such materials other than the entire item (i.e. selective quoting from a brochure instead of using the entire brochure).

III) Disclaimer

  1. Distributors must follow all VitaMist Ltd’s policies and procedures regarding websites advertising our products including the requirement to identify themselves as independent distributors on any page or advertising that contains any references to VitaMist Ltd. products or services.
  2. If requested by VitaMist, Ltd. distributors must immediately remove any content relating or referring to VitaMist Ltd, its products or its services from any medium, advertising or website.

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