Our Pledge to You

We take the quality of our products and service very seriously.

Our purest natural spray vitamin, are made only from 100% of the highest grade ingredients. That means they're produced to the exact same standards that you would expect the finest quality nutritional to go through. In fact, our plant is registered and inspected by the FDA. We meet or already exceed all of the proposed FDA guidelines, including HACCP food safety regulations and established cGMP's (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Our suppliers

The VitaMist Supplier Quality Expectations Manual acts as a code of conduct for our suppliers, and clearly outlines the high standards we demand from every vendor we purchase from. All our suppliers are required to certify that their facilities and products meet the standards outlined in the manual, which are verified via third party or THK audits.

Quality control

VitaMist undergo comprehensive testing as part of our Quality Control program. Finished products are tested on a routine basis for:

In addition to all this, we actually taste every ingredient that goes into our recipes, as part of our product development process, and our finished products are tasted as part of VitaMist standard.

Customer Service

The success of any business is contingent on the ability to meet and exceed customer expectations. At the Executive Conference & Trainings, we are proud of our strong commitment to both our retail customer and our team members.

We recognize that the delivery of exemplary customer service is dependent on a group of caring team members who share common goals and a true spirit to serve.

Those goals and service spirit are expressed in "VitaMist's Big Three," which lies at the heart of VitaMist's Mission Statement:

VitaMist's BIG THREE

  1. Happy, professional team members who demonstrate aggressive friendliness.
  2. A clean, crisp, safe product where everything works.
  3. Retail customer and team members receive all that they expect plus a little bit more.


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