While there are various versions of the Paleo diet, it is clear that this diet is advertised as mimicking the pre agriculture homo sapiens’ diet. All versions prohibit the intake of any processed foods because they were unheard of up until when populations began canning in the early 1800’s. Much like any healthy diet, kicking out the processed foods is always a good start, and eliminating low nutrient high-calorie options is even better. Not only does the paleo diet phase out empty calories, it is also potentially saving life saving considering the leading causes of death are heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Maybe the increased promotion of this diet fad is the secret to a kick start your metabolism while saving money on hospital bills? If you ask a cross fitter why Paleo is common within their community, they will nearly always attest that food is fuel and simple carbs are not their primary source of fuel. When carbs are not the main source of fuel the body to depend on fats, and lots of them.  With the absence of the insulin spikes you get from eating carbs; there goes the type 2 diabetes. So what does a high-fat, non-preservative diet look like?  Let us review some of the most popular items and terms on the menu: organic; grass fed; local; coconut oil; high-quality, free ranged protein; less poultry; nuts; seeds; starchy vegetables rather than sugars; and fermented foods. Remember to keep it organic, avoiding anything processed or refined. Think like a hunter!

Depending on the version of the Paleo diet, some nutrients may be missing.  Considering a lot of our food is compromised through processing and refining, it may be beneficial to supplement these nutrients;

  • Calcium
    • 1,000mg for adults
    • 1,200mg for men and women over 50
  • Iron
    • 18 mg (no more than 45 mg)
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Omega 6 fatty acids
  • Vitamin D
    • 400 IU
  • Trace minerals

Why isn’t there enough of these nutrients in the Paleo diet?  One word, dairy. Milk is not part of a true Paleo diet. In the Paleolithic era, breast milk was consumed at infancy and served no other purpose. Dairy is a huge source of calcium today, especially in the average American diet.

Meats have iron, so how am I deficient? Did you know that not all animal food sources are high in iron? Unless you know how to wrestle a bear, well then we are talking a full 100% of the Recommended Daily Value (DV) for sure. Otherwise, 24oz of ground beef, or for a better visual, 1.5lbs would be needed a day to ensure you are meeting the DV. What about chicken? Well… what about it?  A healthy fillet is high in protein, but you would need to eat 61oz to ensure you are getting a full DV or Iron, which is almost 4lbs. You might need an appetite of a bear just to eat all that. 

Omega – O-M-EGA why not? The Omega Spray has not one but two sources of essential fatty acids both complimenting the needs of 3, 6, & 9. While a Paleo diet is high in essential fatty acids, it is low in 3 and 6, unless you are eating a lot of fish in your diet.

Below are our recommended products:




Vitamin D

Other suggested products:


Omega spray has not one but two sources of essential fatty acids both complimenting the needs of 3, 6, & 9. While a Paleo diet is high in essential fatty acids, it is low in 3 and 6, unless you are eating a lot of fish in your diet.

ATP Super Cell Food Spray 

This is a personal favorite of one of our office health gurus, who is also a local athlete. Her reasoning,

“I have a background in nutrition and have worked in nutrition shops for years.  I know a good product when I see one. I came across the ATP spray while at a Women’s Health Expo and I have been hooked on these sprays since. The ingredients are high quality.  For example, I used to use creatine during my off season bodybuilding to increase my ATP output, but ATP provides me with the same if not more output without worrying about water weight or my kidneys having to filter the creatine. D-Ribose plays a huge role in our body’s production of both ATP and natural creatine.  Knowing this, I was shocked seeing it in a spray.  To top it off, this spray also has Acetyl L Carnitine.  Carnitine is said to be especially good for brain health and helps carry fat through the Krebs cycle faster, allowing it to be used as energy… umm, yeah.  Using fat for fuel.  YES PLEASE! Also, the spray has Coenzyme Q10 which is suggested to help the uptake of nutrients and oxygen. Needless to say, I keep my ATP stocked along with the CardioMax!”