Women's Core 4

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All Natural Organic  Allergen Free Vegan   Gluten Free  Non GMO Ingredients

Our Core 4 for Women is built around Women's Health, a convenient spray designed to meet the needs of women. Women's Health is complimented by our B12 High Potency Spray, to help get you that additional boost of energy that B12 provides and VitaMist Colloidal Minerals, a quick and easy spray that replenishes all of those essential minerals that your body uses each and every day. To round out the Core 4, we have included our VitaMist C+Zinc supplement spray, bringing you a powerful source of the essential mineral zinc, and the antioxidant Vitamin C.


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adult all Antimony b-complex-vitamins beta-carotene bioflavonoids biotin boron calcium Carbonate cayenne Cesium chromium cobalt copper cramp-bark dong-quai Dysprosium echinacea-purpurea Erbium Europium feverfew folate Gallium Germanium ginkgo-biloba glycine gold Holmium hops Iodide iodine iron kudzu-root Lanthanum licorice-root Lutetium lysine magnesium manganese member-HIDE molybdenum multivitamin Neodymium niacin nickel Niobium Nitrogen Palladium pantothenic-acid passionflower peppermint-oil Phosphorus Praseodymium red-clover Rhenium Samarium Scandium selenium seniors silicon silver skullcap Strontium sulfur supplement-stacks Tantalum Terbium thiamine Thorium Tin Titanium trace-minerals valerian-root vanadium vitamin-a vitamin-b12 vitamin-b6 vitamin-c vitamin-d vitamin-e white-willow-bark wild-lettuce women Ytterbium Yttrium zinc Zirconium

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