DASH Booster Pack

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Why was the DASH plan created?

The DASH Diet was not created with the sole purpose of losing weight, and instead strives to reduce the blood pressure of at risk people.  Due to the less severe calorie restrictions, it has been called, “The Most Complete Diet,” The “Best and Healthiest Diet Plan,” “Best Diet for X Years in a Row,” and so on.  But just how good is this diet?

What will you be craving because of deficiencies?

As it turns out, it’s pretty good.  One of the things you’ll crave the most is starches, which is fantastic, because starches are heart healthy!  What’s not fantastic is that the reason for your cravings will be a severe deficiency in Chromium and other key nutrients.

What nutrient deficiencies will cause your cravings?

When they call it the most complete diet there is, they’re not joking.  But even the most complete diet was still left incomplete.  The DASH Diet hits its targets in almost all categories, but is severely lacking in Chromium (8% of the recommended daily intake) and Biotin (12%), as well as some less panic-worthy deficiencies in Pantothenic Acid (72%), Vitamin D (58%), Vitamin E (52%), Molybdenum (35%) and like most diets, many of the trace minerals are sorely lacking.  Recommended Products:  Like the South Beach Diet, this one is very high in selenium, so avoid the temptation to supplement with E+Selenium.  Instead, you can use Multiple to cover many of the missing vitamins, and Biotin PlusBSlim BoostSlender Mist Chocolate Fudge (or Slender Mist Berry Supreme), and Minerals to compensate.

DASH Booster Pack

While it’s a great diet for managing blood pressure, the lack of fat burning nutrients like B vitamins and Chromium make it difficult to lose weight as quickly as with other diets, while still maintaining optimal health.  We have an answer for you with the DASH Booster Pack.  This pack contains BSlim BoostSlender Mist Chocolate FudgeBiotin PlusMultiple, and Minerals, bundled together for 20% off the cost of each product individually.  A stack like this will help you lose weight, feel great, and reduce cravings, all while managing your blood pressure.

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