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You may have one of the most powerful tools for change on your wrist.  Dial The New YOU.  Uses a breakthrough studies and time proven technics.  Forms of it have already helped Millions of people change their lives for the better.

You already know it takes 21 continuous days to make a habit.  It will take 45 days to break a habit, but if you combined a new habit to replace the old habit it only takes 3 weeks. 21 continuous days to a NEW YOU!

Forming a habit is simple — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Here’s some advice and insight from the experts:

1. Time and place are key. Repeat the same action at the same time and the same place, until it becomes automatic. That is what DIAL THE NEW YOU does. I’ll use an example of walking “So, if you practice going for a walk every evening when you get home from work, then after a while, when you enter your house, thoughts of going for a walk spring to mind,” Wood says. “Any evening, you can always decide not to go, but usually, given how tired and distracted we are, it’s easier to carry out the response in mind than to make a decision to do something else.”

2. Figure out your cue.  The DIAL THE NEW YOU helps you finger out the cue. Maybe you eat ice cream on the couch every night, and you’d really like to stop. Rather than trying to quit cold turkey, try to figure out what’s triggering the ice cream. “It’s not just being aware of the behavior, but understanding what things happen before that, that might put your unconscious mind into that state where it’s going to go to the refrigerator. Is it a particular television show, or a particular time of night?” says David Neal, a social psychologist who has studied habit formation and habit breaking. “In a way, the behavior is not the problem; the cue is the problem.”

3.  It’s easier to form a new habit than break an old one. Using the DIAL THE NEW YOU put that power in your hands. It’s really hard to stop late-night snacking, but it’s easier to replace that behavior with something else. David Neal suggests replacing it with another activity to occupying your hands:

Using the DIAL THE NEW YOU to change how you eat…

When deciding between broccoli or super-sized fries gives the brain a workout, forcing it to weigh choices based on taste, healthiness, size, and even packaging, all more-or-less instantaneously.  But shifting one’s attention and self-control toward healthier choices can influence that neurological exercise. Antonio Rangel, professor of economics and neuroscience at California Institute of Technology (Caltech), has expanded earlier research in a new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

It showed when pick your food if you think and ask yourself, one simple phrase “IS THIS THE HEALTHY CHOICE.”

  • When thinking about healthiness, subjects were less likely to eat unhealthy foods, whether or not they deemed them to be tasty, and more likely to eat healthy-untasty foods.
  • Being asked to think about healthiness led subjects to say “no” to foods more often than they did when asked to make decisions naturally.

DIAL THE NEW YOU gives you that reminder when you reach for food by placing it in your dominate hand. You stop and think and “DIAL” the band one time around your wrist thinking and asking yourself“IS THIS THE HEALTHY CHOICE.”  It will help reform you’re eating habits.  Remember if you have some form of nutritional deficiency you will still crave certain foods that is why we suggest using VitaMist products to reassure you will have success.

Using the DIAL THE NEW YOU to change how you see the world…

If you stop and take a hard look at daily conversation you’ll find that 75 percent of it is negative. We complain about the weather, the traffic, work, food, movies, the younger generation, and much more. Negativity is a common denominator in our competitive and adversarial culture where we are each striving to be number one and are always comparing ourselves to others. Our consumer lifestyle is based on dissatisfaction with what we have, and so we are encouraged to always want something more, better, or different.

The average person complains 20 times each day, and this negativity has a dire effect on health, relationships, career, and level of happiness. St. Paul in Philippians 2:14 says “Do everything without complaining,” and that is very good advice. And too, those who strive to live without complaining, gossiping, and criticizing others them and their world will have more time to notice and celebrate what they have to be grateful for.

The step is simple Every time they complained, criticized, or gossiped, you “DIAL” the bracelet one time around to FREEDOM thinking this phrase “IS THIS THE BEST WAY TO THINK”. The challenge enabled you to see how difficult it is to reformat their habit of speaking negatively: the average person found that it took four to eight months to be able to keep the bracelet on and not to spin it on their wrist for 21 consecutive days.

Summary for DIAL THE NEW YOU…

Simple 3 steps

  1. Put the bracelet on your dominant side so if your right handed you put it on your right wrist.
  2. When you reach for your food or when you have a negative thought look at the bracelet and stop and do step 3
  3. Dial the bracelet all the way around one time and come and stop on Food or Freedom and say and think one of the appropriate phrases. “IS THIS THE BEST WAY TO THINK” or “IS THIS THE HEALTHY CHOICE”.

Hint.  Start out doing only one Food or Freedom not both.  After reaching 7 without turning the bracelet add in the other one.

*** Remember you are going for 21 days straight without dialing the bracelet if you start out and on day 5 you have to dial the bracelet you go back all the way to the first day.***

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