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Low Carb Diets

Why were low carb diets created?

The purposes of low-carb diets are to lose weight and stabilize blood sugar levels.  This is supposedly accomplished through a sharp reduction in carbohydrate consumption, with no limits placed on meats, fats, sodium, or daily caloric consumption.  While low carb diets might be able to help you lose weight, they are some of the worst diets when it comes to heart health and meeting your micro-nutrient goals.

What will you be craving because of deficiencies?

Carbs!  Your body is acclimated to getting a lot of those carbohydrates.  Far too many, in fact.  The sudden drop in carbohydrates will leave you feeling sluggish and low on energy until your cells become accustomed to processing fats and proteins for energy instead.   Even if you’re not a big fan of sweets, you’ll find yourself eyeballing candy bars and sugary drinks.  Anything that your body knows it can get a quick caloric fix from.

What nutrient deficiencies will cause your cravings?

Thiamin.  Vitamin B1  (thiamin) is necessary to produce energy and for brain and nervous system function. It works with other B vitamins, which means that the depletion of one can cause others to work poorly.  It's also very prone to destruction during food processing, storage, and cooking. This destruction is one of the reasons why food flour and cereal manufacturers enrich their products with thiamin.  Adult women should aim for about 1.1 mg, while men should target 1.2 mg of thiamin daily.  Recommended Products:  Revitalizer

Folate.  Vitamin B9 (Folate) is the form found in whole foods, while folic acid is the type found in supplements and fortified foods.  Folic acid is usually more bioavailable, so the recommended amounts are a little complicated, but the recommendation for adults is 400 mcg.

Folate is best known for preventing a congenital disability called a neural tube defect. Folate is a component in many chemical reactions in the body, and its functions include cell formation (especially red blood cells).  Recommended Products:  Folacin, Revitalizer

Vitamin C.  The most well-known vitamin performs many functions in our bodies, from helping to make neurotransmitters in our brains to protect our cells from damage to building connective tissue. Vitamin C degrades easily during storage and cooking. Refrigerate your produce, and don't overcook it!  Adult males should try to get at least 90 mg daily, while females need at least 75 mg.  Recommended Products:  C+Zinc

Magnesium.  Many people don't eat enough magnesium.  Estimates are that 30-50% of Americans don't reach the recommended 400 mg recommended per day.  Unfortunately, people on low-carb diets fare even worse.  One study showed that 70% of individuals on the Atkins diet for eight weeks or more were magnesium deficient. Worse, people on low-carb diets for medical reasons need magnesium even more, since it's important in blood sugar control and glucose metabolism. Magnesium also participates in protein synthesis, cell function, DNA synthesis, and bone development & maintenance.  Recommended Products:  Osteo-CalMag

Iron.  Iron is essential for our health.  Without it, our cells cannot get oxygen.  Despite this, it's a relatively common mineral deficiency, in particular for women of childbearing age, and people on low-carb diets. Most adults need about 8 mg per day, while women of childbearing age need to get 18 mg in their diets.  Recommended Products:  Iron

Vitamin D.   Lower blood levels of vitamin D is becoming very common. Many doctors believe this is because we spend less time outside and wear more sunscreen. It is challenging to get enough vitamin D through diet alone. Vitamin D is crucial for calcium absorption in our bones and is a factor in many aspects of physical and mental health. A few low-carb sources are salmon, tuna, eggs, yogurt, and liver.  Recommended Products:  Vitamin D

Vitamin E.  Up to 80% of people may not be getting the recommended intake of vitamin E.  To get vitamin E on a low-carb diet you should eat nuts and seeds (especially sunflower seeds), greens, avocado, peppers, and shrimp.  Recommended Products:  E+Selenium

Calcium.  We use calcium in so many ways that it's hard to list them all. Most people know that it is vital for bone strength and health. However, it's also indispensable to muscle and nerve function, as well as maintaining the body's acid/base balance. Some low-carb sources are dairy products, canned salmon & sardines, tofu, and greens.  Recommended Products:  Osteo-CalMag

Bonus Products:  Multiple, CardioCare, ArgiMax, CardioMax.  The reduction in carb-containing foods and concentration on fat and protein heavy foods leaves huge nutritional holes in what your body has to work with.  It is vital for those considering a low-carb diet to supplement with a multiple vitamin to fill in the nutritional holes.

Heart health can be another major concern for low-carb dieters.  While the stabilization of blood sugar levels is great, this diet does nothing for cholesterol levels.  In fact, if it has any effect it would be to increase bad cholesterol by failing to regulate trans-fat or saturated fat levels.  Supplementing with heart-healthy products CardioCare, CardioMax, and ArgiMax can help offset the harm done by these cholesterol producing fats.

As you can see, low carb diets are some of the most nutrient deprived diets on the market.  While we here at VitaMist recommend upgrading to a more complete diet, such as The Mediterranean Diet, if you have your heart set on this one, we have your back.  The Low Carb / No Carb Booster Pack is filled with everything you need to get you back up to healthy levels of micronutrients.  This pack contains RevitalizerFolateIronC+ZincOsto-CalMagVitamin DE+Selenium and ArgiMax, all for 20% off the cost of purchasing them individually.

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