Precaution Pack

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The human immune system is capable of developing countermeasures such as antibodies to fight off viruses like the common cold or flu. Your immune system is an amazing thing, but just like all of the systems in your body, it requires nutrients to perform its job properly.  The VitaMist Precaution Pack contains many of the nutrients that are essential for the immune system.



For each tube:

  • Shake gently.
  • Sprays directly into mouth, 8 spray daily

This product does not guarantee immunity from illness. If you do get sick with cold or flu-like symptoms, see your doctor.

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adult all Antimony b-complex-vitamins bioflavonoids biotin boron calcium Carbonate Cesium chromium cobalt copper Dysprosium echinacea-purpurea Erbium Europium folate Gallium garlic Germanium glycine gold goldenseal Holmium honey immune-support Iodide iodine iron Lanthanum Lutetium lysine magnesium manganese member-HIDE molybdenum Neodymium niacin nickel Niobium Nitrogen Palladium pantothenic-acid Phosphorus Praseodymium Rhenium Samarium Scandium selenium seniors silicon silver Strontium sulfur supplement-stacks Tantalum Terbium thiamine Thorium Tin Titanium trace-minerals unisex vanadium vitamin-a vitamin-b12 vitamin-b6 vitamin-c vitamin-d vitamin-e Ytterbium Yttrium zinc Zirconium

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