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Why were program diets created?

Even the most famous diets can be dangerous.  Weight Watchers does not claim to be a diet. At least according to their website, Weight Watchers is a plan designed to help you continue to eat whatever you like while still being healthy. Jenny Craig takes a similar approach, but instead of recipes they offer around 70 heat-and-eat meal options to choose from, including their low cal "junk food" for you to munch on.  These sound too good to be true to you, but surprisingly enough, they can work. The problem with both of these plans is that is that shedding pounds is the ultimate goal while maintaining proper nutrition is barely even considered. Contrary to popular belief, 'thin' and 'healthy' are not the same thing.

What will you be craving because of deficiencies?

Calories.  The biggest shocks to new diet program initiates are the large reduction in portion size and calorie consumed.  You might be distracted by the point system, but never forget that counting calories is more important than counting points.  As your body begins to feel calorie deprived, you’ll crave a lot of sweet and salty snacks.

Fats and oils.  For those who go the Jenny Craig route, it won't just be sweet and salty that you crave.  Your body will be missing its fats as well.  Jenny Craig provides meals that are high in water, protein, and dietary fiber.  Which is awesome.  Except that the major missing component is dietary fat, which will leave you craving oily foods.

What nutrient deficiencies will cause your cravings?

Weight Watchers uses a points system. This system assigns a point value to different types of food. The number of points assigned to each food item depends on the amount of fat, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber it contains. You'll notice that I didn't mention the vitamin or mineral content. That's because Weight Watchers claims that you can just get those by eating enough fruits and vegetables.  Unfortunately, that would require most people to triple the amount of fruit and veggies they eat each day.  Worse, despite their "fruits and vegetables" claim, the point system does not require you to eat any fruits or vegetables at all.  Recommended Products:  Multiple Minerals

Your body can (and should) do without the simple sugars that Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers discards, but it should not do without fats.  If you don't know by now, you should be avoiding trans fat, which comes from hydrogenated oils such as margarine and clogs the arteries like it's their job.  You should also avoid saturated fats, which are especially prevalent in red meats.  These turn into Low Density Lipoproteins in the body, AKA "Bad Cholesterol."  Yes, it is very important to avoid these, but it is just as important to get your Omega-3s, monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats.  These form the protective shields for your cells, organs, nerves & brain, and they make the High Density Lipoproteins, or "Good Cholesterol" that help clean out your arteries. Recommended Product: Omega

Focusing on counting points instead of calories can leave you undernourished.  While Jenny Craig uses straight calories, they restrict you to 1200 per day, which is the bare minimum for men without doctor's supervision, and hovering just a little above the bare minimum for women.  Consuming significantly fewer calories than the average intake of 2000 per day puts you at risk.  Say you eat Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Well, each of these meals has an average of 150 to 300 calories.  After three meals on your program, your total intake for the day would be under 1000 calories.  That's less than half of the average recommended intake. Does this mean you'll lose weight faster?  No! On the contrary, undernourishment slows down your metabolism and makes it harder to lose weight!  It will also sap your energy, leaving you feeling tired, weak, and unable to engage in exercise.  Recommended Foods:  Have a few healthy snacks on hand to fill out your calories for the day.  Especially fruits and veggies!

Program Diet Booster Pack

VitaMist already has a great fix for the micro-nutrient holes in program diets with our Program Diet Booster Pack.  This pack contains the VitaMist Core 4 of B12MultipleMinerals, and C+Zinc, as well as Omega, all for 20% off the cost of purchasing them individually!

Don't forget that if you use program diets, the real work falls on you to make sure that you are eating enough fruit and vegetables to prevent your body from becoming undernourished.

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