Also known as baking soda, sodium bicarbonate is used for many purposes, from baking to science project volcanoes.  It’s ability to neutralize acids makes it a common antacid.  It’s much cheaper than pharmaceutical antacids, and doesn’t put the strain on your kidneys that many do, such as calcium based tablets.  The next time you have heartburn, you might want to reach for some baking soda before you spend money on pills.  Just be prepared to burp a lot.  When it combines with your stomach acid, it releases CO2 gas bubbles.  Just like soda does, or like miniature volcano science projects.

Sodium bicarbonate will increase your blood levels of sodium.  If you are on a sodium restricted diet, check with your doctor before using it as an antacid.

We use sodium bicarbonate in a few products because it’s a healthy way to adjust the pH when it’s too acidic, or to increase the solubility of a few temperamental nutrients.  It is not included in any of our products in sufficient amounts to aid with indigestion or to significantly effect your sodium levels.