Angela Kirkpatrick

I have been using Vita Mist Vitamins since 1989 – I am a Registered Nurse and have higher education – though I am currently retired. I believe in Vitamist Spray Vitamins and know they work. When my late husband began to show terminal symptoms of Celiac Disease that we did not know he had, his nutritional status became severely compromised. I immediately put him on Vitamist Spray Vitamins – his doctor agreed. Because my husband’s diagnosis was a nutritional illness that prevented him from absorbing nutrients, we were able to do blood tests every two weeks for Calcium, Magnesium, B12, and many other tests. The spray B12 was able to be measured as well as the Magnesium and Calcium. The B12 was essential to his blood coagulation. So, after using the vitamins for 20 years – I actually had the proof of their absorption through my husband’s blood tests. The Osteo-CalMag was critical because he could not get Magnesium any other way except IV, which they had to do before he started using the spray magnesium. His genetic testing showed that he had received the two different genes for Celiac Disease – one from each parent. His brother also died of the condition because they did not realize
he had Celiac and was never treated.

I believe in the spray vitamins – I am 71 and have been taking them for over 20 years. I take no medications for any conditions on a regular basis. I attribute my health status to the Vitamist Spray Vitamins. My husband was helped greatly by them but died when a kidney specialist made a mistake in prescribing IV Fluids and overloaded his system. (No, I did not sue).

I don’t ever want to be without them. I will make the request that you restore the alphabetical listing for purchasing them. It is annoying and very time consuming for me to order them now because I must search through your entire web site to find what I need. I can look at the web site when I so desire; but when I am placing an order, I just want to go down the A – Z list and get the order done. 


Angela Kirkpatrick