The Healthy Deihl: Lose 45 Pounds in 90 Days

Just Think. This could be the beginning of a New Health Movement.

I know it seems like a lot. 1/2 pound a day for 90 days, for a total 45lbs. But it can be done Simply by just doing 3 things that anybody can do. 

1. Hypnosis (self-hypnosis) helps with Psychological hunger or emotional eating.

2. Nutrition (vitamins “VitaMist”) helps Cravings and the yoyo effect. Fills in the missing nutrients. Lowers cortisol

3. Exercise (walking or any form) stress reduction and Naturally boosts your metabolism.


Suppressing Your Appetite

I received an email in mid-December asking about appetite suppressants.  My response was around ten times longer than it needed to be.  This is a habit of mine, as some of you well know.  After replying, I thought of two or three or ten more bits of information that I could have included.  Rather than harassing a potential customer with multiple barrages of information, sending them into an information overload induced stupor, I decided that this topic would make for a decent Health Tip article.  Especially considering how often “weight loss” is added to our lists of New Year’s Resolutions.  So here we are.  Everything you ever wanted to know about suppressing your appetite.


The first thing people usually think of when hoping to suppress their cravings is a chemical solution.  Everyone wants that magic pill that will take care of their problem with minimal effort, but we want it to be healthy.  No luck there.  Appetite suppressants in pill form (aka anorexiants, anorectants, anorexigenics, etc.) are almost always classified as prescription drugs.  In fact, loss of appetite is often a side effect of drugs, which pharmaceutical companies then leverage to rebrand their products as weight loss aids.  These pills are usually chemically similar to either amphetamine or anti-depressants, both of which carry a long list of risks and adverse effects.  If you’re ok with taking on these risks, you can speak with your healthcare provider to see if an anorexiant is right for you.

Lifestyle Changes

For a more natural way to suppress that appetite, you have a lot of options.  I would recommend using several, or even all of them in concert together.  The best way to control your appetite is to cut back on serving sizes, and eat multiple small meals or snacks each day, rather than three big meals.  Furthermore, eating slower gives your body time to send “I’m full” signals to your brain.  Studies have shown that cutting your food into pieces ahead of time helps slow down the rate at which we eat, and makes us eat less.  Aerobic exercise tends to make us hungry, but it can also contribute to repairing the neurological pathways that tell us when we’re full.  So there’s more to the whole “diet and exercise” mantra than you knew!


These are all great ways to make us eat less, but it’s still not answering the whole, “What’s a good appetite suppressant?” question.  Well, the only surefire, healthy way to suppress your appetite is to put something in your stomach for it to work on. That may sound silly if you’re trying to eat less, but even drinking water can make cravings subside. Once your digestive tract has something to occupy its time with, it will stop sending hungry signals to your brain.  Water should be your go-to solution for satisfying cravings because often times we mistake our body’s “I’m dehydrated” signal for “I’m hungry”.  That means we grab our favorite snack food the moment we feel those cravings when what our bodies really want is water.  No matter how much you snack, it’s not going to rehydrate you, so the cravings don’t subside. 

Give Your Stomach Something to Think About

Water is processed pretty quickly, so if you are actually hungry, the effects won’t last long.  The good news?  There are other things you can eat that will occupy your stomach for longer. Proteins and fats take longer to digest than carbs.  Studies have shown that protein eaten in the morning can keep you satisfied for much longer than when it’s eaten later in the day.  A little egg white omelet goes a long way.  As for fats, oleic acid is an excellent healthy fat that can suppress your appetite while lowering your bad cholesterol.  Almonds, sunflower seeds and other nuts and seeds are all good sources of oleic acid.  Insoluble fiber works well, too, and doesn’t carry the calories that fats and proteins have. Beans, legumes, whole grains, and vegetables are all high in insoluble fiber, so they’ll keep you satisfied for longer, with the added benefit of providing essential nutrients.

Avoid Simple Sugars

Now that we’ve covered a few natural appetite suppressants let’s talk about something that doesn’t satisfy your cravings.  Always avoid foods high in sucrose and fructose. While this may seem obvious, it’s not just the calories you need to worry about. Fructose and sucrose are digested differently than glucose (the sugar your body uses for energy).  They do not set off the chemical reaction that tells your brain that you’ve eaten sugar.  Your brain needs glucose to run, so when it is low on energy, it will tell your body to crave sugars.  But no matter how many candy bars you eat, that signal won’t shut off.  A slice of bread, however, will work almost immediately.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

For supplemental appetite suppressants, Garcinia Cambogia and Hydroxycitric Acid have shown good results in some studies.  The total body of evidenced, however, has been mixed.  Some results support them as appetite suppressants and diet aids while other studies that found no conclusive evidence. Likewise, some doctors swear by them and others dismiss them as a fad. We’ve had excellent feedback from our customers about our b-slim boost and Slender Mist products that utilize Garcinia Cambogia and HCA, but testimonials aren’t the same as clinical trials.

Putting It All Together

There are a lot of natural ways to suppress your appetite, but most of them involve eating.  Some other foods linked to diminished appetite include potatoes and grapefruit.  At this point, you may have started noticing a pattern.  All of the foods associated with appetite suppression are staples of a conventional “healthy diet” while the processed sugars we associate with an unhealthy diet do nothing to satisfy our cravings.  So looking for a way to eat less may be going about it all wrong.  If you find a way to eat healthy, the eating less part will follow naturally.  And you’ll feel healthier, more satisfied and proud of your accomplishment.  So pick up those nutritious and delicious foods, and eat to your heart’s content!  It won’t be long before your heart starts feeling content much faster.

Here Comes Halloween!

October always seem to get me excited because it has one of my favorite holidays, Halloween.  For at least 15 years my husband and I held Halloween parties at our home.  For those of you who were members of our VitaMist family in those days, I’m sure you remember being there.

October and Halloween also means CANDY, CANDY, CANDY and more CANDY! Have you noticed that every year it’s the same?  We buy the candy in bulk well before the trick-or-treaters show up, and then we start eating it OURSELVES!  Our workplaces are full of those delicious treats. In fact, everywhere we go there seems to be bowl after bowl of CANDY!  We always seem to say to ourselves “I’ll just take one!”  But somehow that one piece turns into many.

Eventually all those “just ones” add up… around our middles.

So this year VitaMIst has a better suggestion.  Instead of unwrapping another candy bar, which you just KNOW you are going to regret, why not spray a couple of shots of Slender-Mist Chocolate Fudge!  TRY IT!  You get the taste, the mouth feel, the sensation – WITHOUT THE CALORIES!

Here is another great idea!!   How about giving away coupons with that candy you are handing out.  To help get your good habits started, we have designed a beautiful Coupon for any Slender-Mist product, that you can give away to everybody for Halloween.  The coupons are in full color on both sides, and can be customized for a small fee.  Call Customer Service to find out more. 1 (800) 582-5273.


From My Heart With LOV – Sari


P.S. Happy ’52’ years Joe!!

The Link Between Obesity and Dementia

Memories are intensely personal.  More than just a catalog of our personal histories, they are the foundation of our realities.  They make us who we are.  Each of them comes with a record of events, combined with the emotions we experienced as they happened.  They’re connected to colors, shapes, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings and, above all, to other people; particularly our friends and family.  They are the basis for our thoughts and feelings about the people around us.  This is why losing these memories is so painful, confusing and frightening.  Not just for those who feel their reality slipping away, but also for their friends and family, who suffer just as much from the terrible afflictions that tear these memories away.

 There is no magical pill to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.  Internet search results will yield many supplements and health tips that claim to prevent these diseases, or to be “linked to” their prevention.  But the truth is that the study of Alzheimer’s, the most widely known and feared form of dementia, has yet to reveal a root cause.  The disease is still not fully understood.  For this reason, preventative measures are usually speculative.  Most scientists believe that Alzheimer’s Disease is the result of a combination of factors, such as lifestyle, environmental factors, and genetics.  Less than 5% of all cases are linked to specific genetic changes that all but guarantee the that the disease will be developed.

 Although most preventative measures for Alzheimer’s are speculative, there is strong evidence that diet and exercise are critical factors in preventing or postponing the disease.  Diet and exercise are also known to prevent other forms of dementia, especially those resulting from strokes or uncontrolled high blood pressure.  The only surefire way to reduce our risk of dementia is through good health.  But until recently, there had been no quantifiable way to express just how important diet and exercise were.

 A new study has shown a direct link between BMI (Body Mass Index), and the speed at which Alzheimer’s Disease develops.  In fact, each extra point of BMI can cause Alzheimer’s disease to develop seven months earlier than it would have if your weight had been within healthy levels.  These are staggering results.  Especially when you consider that a person who is only mildly obese (BMI of around 30) is at risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease three years sooner.  That’s three additional years of lost time, lost memories, confusion, stress, worry and financial strain.

 People throughout the world suffer from the adverse effects of some form of dementia.  Whether it’s their own battle with these conditions or somebody close to them.  The hope is that some day we will find ways to prevent dementia, stop the destruction it causes our brain tissue and perhaps even reverse the effects.  Until that day comes, the only known preventative measure is to take care of our bodies.  Losing weight often seems more daunting than it is.  It’s certainly a challenge, but it’s one that we will address in future articles.  For now, setting a goal weight could be your first step towards preventing countless diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and even dementia.

 To help set your goal weight, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute provides an easy to use BMI Calculator.  Because these simple calculators assume only moderate levels of muscle mass, they are not accurate for muscular individuals, and can even underestimate the BMI of people with little muscle mass.  However, for the majority of Americans and people in developed nations, calculators such as this one give us a good idea of what our BMI is, and what our optimal weight should be.  By finding your height and desired BMI on a BMI Table, it makes it easier to set your goal weight, and get started down the road to good health.

Product of the Month, February 2015

February is here, and with it comes St. Valentine’s Day, the day to celebrate love and affection by exchange of notes, gifts or flowers.  The Chocolate heart and the heart symbol have long been associated with love, so to mark the Month of Love, our Free Product with everyVitaMist SlenderMist Chocolate Fudge Diet Snack Substitute Spray Wellness program Order of 3 or more tubes is “Slender-Mist Chocolate Fudge.”

Chocolate Fudge Slender-Mist is a dietary aid with a different twist, our Slender-Mist® sprays simply give your body what it needs to satisfy cravings, without the risk of overeating or the use of drugs.

Slender-Mist has nutrients that help you maintain a more balanced diet with regularly scheduled meals, and provides extra vitamins and nutrients to compensate for the shortage suffered by eating less. We have even added pantothenic acid and vitamin B6 to help relieve the stress and low energy levels associated with weight loss.

Dietary options today can cost health-conscious Americans thousands of dollars each year, and the results may be short-lived. A proper diet and exercise schedule is still the best option, but it can be difficult at first. Slender-Mist can help you through the most trying of times, satisfying the urge to eat and replenishing your system.

With Slender-Mist, you do not have to starve yourself, and you shouldn’t. You should use Slender-Mist dietary supplement sprays before regular meals, and as a snack substitute. Just spray 2-4 sprays about 30 minutes before your regular meals. In addition, whenever you feel the urge to snack, just use 4 spritzes of Slender-Mist and you can forget the snack!

Slender-Mist comes in two mouth-watering flavors, Berry Supreme and Chocolate Fudge, and it will be a welcome dietary addition for anyone trying to shed unwanted pounds.

Product of the Month, December 2014

This month, we are sending a free tube of Our Tropical Delight Slender-Mist Product as the Product of the Month.

Think of Slender-Mist as a “snack-substitute” – it gives your body what it needs to satisfy cravings – without overeating or the use of drugs.  Slender-Mist contains nutrients that help you maintain a more balanced diet between regularly scheduled meals, and it provides extra vitamins and nutrients to compensate for the shortage suffered by eating less, so your energy levels do not suffer.  We’ve even added pantothenic acid and vitamin B6 to help relieve the stress that can be associated with weight loss programs.

Remember, the most effective weight-loss programs combine a sensible diet with a light exercise routine.  When you are dieting, you don’t have to starve yourself – and you shouldn’t.  But, you should use Slender-Mist dietary supplement sprays before regular meals and also as a snack substitute.  Just spray 2-4 sprays about 20-30 minutes before your regular meals.  Also, whenever you feel the urge to snack – at any time of day – 2-4 spritzes of Slender-Mist and you can forget the snack!

Slender-Mist is available in 2 delicious flavors, Berry Supreme, and Chocolate Fudge.

Please call us at 1-800-582-5273 for more information about this and all the other great VitaMist Products.  Our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you.

Pure nutrition with every spray – that’s our promise.

Damage Control

First, I want to personally wish everyone a Very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.

The title “Damage Control” maybe doesn’t sound too positive, but at this time of year everyone you talk to seems to have concerns about the Holiday Season. Rather than the Holiday Season being a joyous, fun time to spend with family and friends, it is becoming more and more a commercial nightmare.

My December Column is in two parts. First, some tips on controlling your weight over the coming weeks, and second, some warnings to help you avoid ending up in the emergency room.

As we know, our nation is suffering a weight crisis. There is no way to sugarcoat it (perhaps a poor choice of words!), but we are overweight and a large percentage of us are morbidly obese. The Holidays don’t help the fight either, because they become a time of over-indulgence and over-consumption. It seems like the motto at this time of year is “nothing in moderation”, with over-eating, over-consumption of alcohol, and over-partying. Then, on January 1st, everyone wakes up feeling guilty, and goes back to a year of trying to lose the weight they gained during the excesses of the Holidays.

If you ask what people dread most about this time of year, 90% will say, “putting on weight,” and it has been shown that most people gain between 5 and 10 pounds during the Holidays.

Here are a few simple suggestions that can help you avoid the usual pitfalls. If you struggle with your weight, don’t undo all your recent hard work. Use these nutrition tips and experience a slimmer season.

Eat a snack before the party

Snacking on low-glycemic carbohydrates and lean proteins such as apple slices with natural peanut butter, raw veggies with hummus or nonfat unsweetened yogurt with berries, help to curb your hunger, so that you eat less at the party.

Limit alcohol

Each 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine or 1 ounce of hard alcohol contains roughly 100 calories. Enjoy a drink, and then switch to sparkling water with lemon or lime. Steer clear of higher calorie drinks such as egg nog, frozen margaritas and hot buttered rum.

Eat lots of salad

Start your meals with a large salad topped with lots of veggies and low fat/fat-free dressing, or a broth-based soup filled with vegetables.

Studies have shown that eating salads or broth-based soups prior to a meal results in less calories consumed during the meal.

Keep the Holidays Accident Free!

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, almost 13,000 people in the U.S. end up in the emergency room during the Holidays because of mishaps with trees, lights and toys. That’s a frightening number, and we want to help you avoid being adding to these statistics.

Santa Clause, Passed out drunk

Here are a few basic tips to avoid Holiday injuries

First, be very careful setting up the tree. Make sure your ladder is sturdy, steady and safe. Falls from ladders can be a major problem. Also remember, not only can you topple down, but so can the tree.

Make sure you secure the tree so children and pets can’t pull it down on top of themselves. Some people use a gate around the tree or secure it to the wall. When decorating the tree, be careful to put the trimmings up high enough so infants and toddlers and pets can’t get to them. Decorations, like tinsel, are tempting to put in their mouths, and ornaments are frequently breakable.

Think about your decorations. Live holly and mistletoe are poisonous and if eaten. They can be toxic to both people and pets.

The most common injuries seen at this time of year are cuts caused by those seemingly impenetrable plastic packages that toys come in.

“They’re almost impossible to open, so people take to using box cutters, knives and scissors. One false move and your hand is slashed. The ER does a lot of stitching up. Take it slow, and be really careful opening those toys for the kids. Always cut away from your hand,” advises Dr. Travis Stork, an emergency room physician.

Lights, which are usually balled up after the holidays and left in the box, can be a hazard, too. Make sure the bulbs work, there are no frayed wires, broken sockets or loose connections. Dr. Stork says many people show up in the ER with burns and shocks from faulty lights, or from falling off ladders when stringing them.

Always, always, always remember to unplug lights at night and when away from home to avoid a fire.

9 Simple Ways to Avoid Overeating on Thanksgiving

Do you struggle with post-Thanksgiving food guilt? Are you already worried about the number of calories you will consume over the holidays? If the turkey is too tempting and the mashed potatoes and gravy sound too delectable to ignore, there are ways you can fight the urge to overeat, but still enjoy a great Thanksgiving.

Here are a few basic mindful eating tips to help you on Thanksgiving.

Take Home Leftovers

Bring your own Tupperware. If you overeat because you enjoy good food, come equipped with your own doggie bag. No need to eat mindlessly if you know that you can savor it again later.

Learn How to Handle Leftovers

Other than the massive meal you will be forced to face, there always comes the dilemma of when to eat those leftovers.

“One of the biggest problems that comes from our desire to overeat at Thanksgiving is the stack of leftovers in our fridge,” says Christy Shatlock, MS/RD, and one of the lead dietitians for bistroMD. “Eating leftovers every day after Thanksgiving can make sticking to your diet difficult; more of the wrong foods in the wrong portions.”

If you still want to eat leftovers after Turkey Day, there is a way to do it that won’t mess up your diet.

“When Thanksgiving is over, take your leftovers, and portion them out for the rest of the week using several different sizes of containers or Tupperware,” says Christy. “For your main protein, (the turkey), put in several medium size containers and label them on the days you are going to eat them. Do the same with your sides; portion them out and label for each day.”

If this seems like too much work, just use a small plate the next time you need to reheat. Eating these leftovers on a smaller plate will tell your brain that you’ve eaten enough, so you won’t eat too much!

Also, think of new, healthier ways to enjoy your leftovers. Slice up some of your leftover turkey, and put it on a salad the next day. You could also make a great soup with a lot of your leftovers. Just freeze it, reheat, and enjoy it later in the holiday season.

Don’t Skip Meals, and Chew Your Food Slowly!

On Thanksgiving, most people make the mistake of rushing through their meal. However, if you are trying NOT to overeat this holiday, it’s important that you chew your food slowly.

“When you chew your food slowly, this makes your meal more satisfying, and can actually help you feel fuller, longer,” says Christy. “Even with all of those different foods being passed your way, don’t take a serving of something else, if you haven’t finished what’s on your plate. This will also help keep your portion sizes under control.”

Also, don’t starve yourself the day before or on the actual day. Make sure to eat a good protein-based breakfast, and make sure to have good protein-based snacks during the day.

Thanksgiving is also about family time, so make sure you put your fork down every once and a while, and join in on the conversation. This will also help control your urge to eat more.

You can’t exactly have a conversation with food in your mouth, right?

Stick with Tradition, but Give it a Makeover

“Most people tend to overeat at Thanksgiving, simply because they don’t want to give up the traditional foods,” says Christy. “There are healthier alternatives to some of your traditional meals; foods that will leave you feeling satisfied, but will help you avoid the temptation to overeat.”

When it comes to the turkey and the potatoes, you can make a great-tasting Thanksgiving dinner that is still traditional, but also tasty.

“There are traditional turkey recipes that are healthy, you just have to do your research,” says Christy. “There are also traditional sides, like Parmesan mashed red potatoes that have half the calories and regular fat than typical recipes.”

If you are going to Thanksgiving at a friend or family’s house, choose wisely when it comes time to dine. Choose white meat over dark, roasted sweet potatoes over candied yams, and eat your vegetables. For dessert, a small slice of pumpkin pie is okay, just avoid the whipped topping.

Also, avoid finger foods. These tend to be the highest in calories and fat.

Sit Down

It sounds simple enough. But, how many of us take a plate of food and nibble on it until you’ve found a seat? It’s hard to really enjoy food when you are standing up, balancing a plate. Don’t take a bite unless you are sitting down.

State Out Loud Three of Your Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

It’s likely that you named foods you only get once a year like cranberry dressing, Aunt Beth’s sweet potato pie or turkey. Consider what it is about these foods that give you pleasure. The texture? Taste? Smell? Focus on the foods you really love. Savor them. Consider whether you really enjoy filler foods like rolls, things you can get all year. Stick to what you know you love.

Take a Game or Photos

When food is the only event at Thanksgiving, it makes it too easy to mindlessly overeat. Bring your favorite board game or cards. Or, tote along photos from the year to ooh and ah over.

Find Ways to Soothe and Comfort Yourself

Holidays are exciting and stressful. Find ways to calm and soothe yourself so you don’t turn to calories for comfort. You might want to check out our new product, Dial the New You. It may be just the thing to help you.

Rethink Thanksgiving

Perhaps we need to change our perception of the holiday before we can change our behavior. In many ways, Thanksgiving is just like any other meal. When isn’t there an abundance of food? So, think of this meal like any others. Seeing Thanksgiving as “different” or “special” seems to imply that there is a different way we eat. Yes, it is a holiday, but Thanksgiving is about spending time with those you care about, not eating everything in sight. Remember, mindful eating is not a diet. You don’t have to avoid good food. It just means eating it slowly, with full awareness.

Mindless Triggers

It’s likely that you can pinpoint some of your most common mindless eating triggers. Do you tend to pick mindlessly at food when it is sitting directly in front of you? Does eating next to an annoying relative lead you to stress eat? Make a list of things that sabotage your mindful eating and strategize around how to address them. For example, pick your favorite person to sit next to and grab the seat. If you tend to pick at food, commit to passing food out of arm’s reach as soon as you sit down.

Best wishes on Thanksgiving!
Eat, Drink and have fun

How I Lost Over 100 lbs

I have over the years been asked how did I loss all that weight?  How long did it take? How much exercise did I do?

First and foremost I used VitaMist products: The Core 4 which are Multiple, Mineral, C+Zinc and B12-500 plus the Slender-Mist Berry. The Core 4 fed my body and brain so I didn’t have the craving from not having all the nutrients I needed. The Slender-Mist Berry helped me on my weight loss journey as a tool to help me eat right.

It only took just under a year for me to lose all the weight because I wanted to take off the extra pounds the healthy way.Bill Deihl

About exercising: At first I only walked, but I walked with a goal in mind. My goal was 10,000 steps a day. The Japanese first started using the 10,000 steps a day number as part of a marketing campaign! (To help sell pedometers).  Since that initial campaign; however, medical authorities around the world have agreed that 10,000 is a healthy number to aim for. The American Heart Association uses the 10,000 steps metric as a guideline to follow for improving health and decreasing risk of heart disease, the number one killer of men and women in America.

10,000 steps a day is a rough equivalent to the Surgeon General’s recommendation to accumulate 30 minutes of activity most days of the week. It should be enough to reduce your risk for disease and help you lead a longer, healthier life. The benefits are many:  lower BMI, reduced waist size, increased energy, and less risk for Type II diabetes and heart disease.  In fact, a recent study of the 10,000 steps a day method reported conclusive health benefits.

A reasonable goal for most people is to increase average daily steps each week by 500 per day until you can easily average 10,000 per day. Example: If you currently average 3000 steps each day as most people do, your goal for week one is 3500 each day. Your week 2 goal is 4000 each day. Continue to increase each week and you should be averaging 10,000 steps by the end of 14 weeks.

10,000 steps daily is approximately 5 miles.  Unless you have a very active lifestyle or profession, you probably don’t reach 10,000 steps on a given day without putting some effort into your activity.  This could be a lifestyle change such as walking to work, or the addition of an exercise routine to your day.

There are many ways to increase your daily steps. Use your imagination and come up with your own list:

  • Take a walk with your spouse, child, or friend
  • Walk the dog
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Park farther from the store
  • Better yet, walk to the store
  • Get up to change the channel
  • Window shop
  • Plan a walking meeting
  • Walk over to visit a neighbor
  • Get outside to walk around the garden or do a little weeding

If you are in very poor physical condition, as I was, or at any point you feel that you are progressing too rapidly, slow down a bit and try smaller increases. If you have any health concerns, seek your physician’s advice prior to starting or changing your exercise routine.

Being Fat is Killing Us

Throughout the last month, the primary focus for VitaMist was weight loss. If you are doing a wellness program every month through VitaMist, you have received, in the past, complimentary packets of our greatest product, B-Slim. Weight loss and B-Slim were also the key focus for our Product calls.

Why are we paying all this attention to weight loss? Quite simply, I believe obesity is the number one health problem facing the country. It has reached epidemic proportions, and it is getting worse.

You, our VitaMist clients, are, by definition a group of health conscious people (otherwise you would not be using the world’s best nutritional supplements). It falls on all of us, as health conscious individuals, to continue to promote good health and proper nutrition as a lifestyle.

For this month’s Health Tip, it is my great pleasure to present an article on this subject from Dr. James A. Martin, the Senior Member of our Medical Advisory Board.

Obesity is now considered to be an epidemic in the United States, not only affecting adults, but our children as well. The diseases associated with carrying around even a few extra pounds include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, sleep disorders, joint pain, and now some cancers. Society tells us that we need to be thin for aesthetic reasons, but we need to maintain the correct weight for health reasons. Being fat is killing us.

At the most basic level, to lose weight, we need to burn off more calories than we take in. To do that effectively we need to approach the problem from several different angles, and not fall prey to fad diets, magic pills or the latest exercise machine being sold on infomercials.

Restrict Caloric Intake

To kick start weight loss, you need to start out with a low-calorie diet, the precise details of which depend on individual health requirements. Don’t follow a crazy fad diet, which never works in the long run. I always suggest regular, everyday food that you can buy in the grocery store and cook at home. Include all of the food groups, restricting refined sugars, saturated fats, “white” carbs (rice, potatoes, pasta, bread). Place an emphasis on whole fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats (nuts, avocado, fish, etc.) In this way, you’re not going on a “diet”, per se, but just re-learning how to eat correctly and give your body the nutrients it needs to operate at its most efficient. The idea is to GET THE MOST NUTRITIONAL BANG FOR EACH CALORIE!

As an interesting aside: recent studies have shown that long-term calorie restriction (1800-2000 per day) leads to a much longer life span. The body learns that it doesn’t have any resources to waste, and it becomes super-efficient at the cellular level. You find that you have a much higher level of energy and brain function. Some experts believe that if we follow this type of eating plan, we can live to 120 or even older.

Elevate the Metabolism

Elevating the metabolism is achieved in several ways:


A minimum of 3 times a week for 30 minutes as a combination of cardio and weights. Building muscle helps keep the body firm while losing fat, but muscle also burns a lot more calories that fat. After a good cardio workout, the metabolic level remains elevated for 2-3 hours.

Eat to Lose

Eat at least three times per day. Do not skip any meals, especially breakfast. It is essential to start burning calories first thing in the morning and get a good energy base for the rest of the day. In this way, the metabolic process never slows down. If you do skip meals, it forces the body into conservation mode, and it starts storing fat for future use.


Do not eat too late

There should be a minimum of three hours between your last meal and going to bed. You must give your body time to use what you’ve just put into it; otherwise it goes into “storage” in the form of fat.

Eat slowly

Put your fork down between each bite. Chew and swallow and only then raise the fork for the next bite. You get full sooner and with less food intake.

Use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate

It takes less food to fill up a salad plate, yet your brain sees a full plate and equates it with a lot of food. Instead of a big empty plate with minuscule portions.

Cut out the sodas, especially regular soda, but even diet.

Nutritional Therapy

It is essential to make sure you do not feel an overwhelming sense of hunger. B-Slim can help with this. It is highly effective in controlling appetite and has absolutely no possibility of becoming habit forming. It contains dietary fiber to help with regularity and the cleansing of toxins from the body as your health improves. As far as the taste is concerned, it has a delicious lemonade flavor and can be used with plain water or added to fruit juice, iced tea, etc. All in all, it is highly potent from several different perspectives and is an invaluable addition to any weight loss program.