Back to School!

Hello,  VitaMist Family,

It’s school time again!  You’re probably feeling excited and maybe a little sad that summer is over.  As our children prepare to go back to school across the country, so many parents would like the opportunity to stay home with them while still trying to find a way to contribute to the family income.

It seems that, in these difficult times, having a duel income is a necessity. When it comes to the high cost of living and the many expenses associated with having a family, it’s hard to keep up without some extra income.

Luckily, at VitaMist we have the perfect way for stay-at-home parents to be able to be with their children while supplementing the family income.  As our distributors, you can reach out to these families and offer them a way to stay home while still earning those extra funds the kids need for school supplies.

So many members of our VitaMist family are already doing this.  Working from home so they can be there for their families.

So I am asking each and every one of you to think about your lives and what your family needs.  To reach out to your friends and neighbors and the people you meet.  To let them know that you have a way to help them make the best choices for their children and family this school year.

There is an added bonus to all of this… you will also be giving them the tools to keep their children healthier.  The best defense against those germs is a good offense.  This means that your children’s bodies need to be at their healthiest.  And that they will be, with VitaMist.

 “What should you call a woman who makes the best choices for her children?   Let’s call her a Mom! “


From My Heart With LOV,




Being Thankful In Difficult Times

I remember a remark by American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson: “I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and new.”

Thanksgiving will be here shortly and we should all remember that Thanksgiving is more than just giving thanks on that one day.  Those expressions of thanks promote health and happiness and give optimism and energy to the downtrodden. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to realize that we have much for which we can be thankful. This truly American holiday allows us to focus on our blessings and the freedoms we enjoy. It’s inspiring to see so many VitaMist family members and groups working to help make the world a better place. Thanks to everyone for your contributions to the community we call the VitaMist family.

Have you ever experienced times a when being thankful was really hard?  I have.  I’ve gone through difficult times when it’s hard to think about anybody but myself.  One thing that helps me, though, is recognizing that I’m not alone and others have gone and are going through similar difficulties.  In fact, many have gone through far worse than I.

“A person cannot be “Depressed” and “Thankful” at the same time.”

I believe I’ve told this story before but I want to share it again with all of you.  I was thinking about something my husband Joe did back in the 80’s when we were first starting out.  He had a collection of some very old WIDE – LOUD – ties.  We were working some very long and hard hours to do the research and get VitaMist up and going.  He got this crazy idea that each week at a staff meeting where we talked about the project we were working on, we would have a Plaque made with one of Joe’s TIES mounted on it.  He would give it to the person who had done the most that week.  It started out as just fun and shortly became a contest, because everybody wanted one of Joe’s tie plaques.  It was a way of saying “Thank You”.  We celebrated when the products were finally finished and launched.  Everyone who received a plaque was invited.  That meant that everyone celebrated because when all was said and done everyone in the Company ended up with one of Joe’s Tie plaques.

You will find it surprising what those two little words “Thank You” will do for a person.

Thanksgiving is also about forgiving and letting go – to give thanks to oneself for being the person that they are – and what they have become – to give forgiveness to oneself and let go of those thoughts, feelings and ideas that have made things difficult  – to give thanks to those who have stood by us during turmoil and difficult times.

Please also remember how hard you have all worked this year.  There is no excuse not to keep working hard over this holiday season.  Remember the bills that magically seem to appear after the first of the year.  So I urge all of you not to let “The Holiday Season” be another excuse and ruin what you have been building with VitaMist over the past year. Rather than looking for reasons why you can’t, this holiday season, please look for reasons why you CAN!  So just “DO IT”!!!

Bill, Irma and I along with the entire VitaMist staff wish each of you a joyous and peaceful Thanksgiving. Please enjoy the company of your loved ones, think about the importance of old and new friends, be safe and take time to reflect on our many blessings.


From My Heart With LOV

– Sari