240 Years of Success and Six Lessons to Learn!

Over 240 years of Success for one of the world’s most highly trained units, an outfit that every known military worldwide fears.

The United States Marine Corps!

A former US Marine shares a few hints as to why they are so proud, strong and successful!

USMC Lesson #1- Follow their CREED!

One of the Marine Corps many creeds is “Semper Fidelis”. This means “Always Faithful” – and you should be to your associates, your company and your future. Always stay in one place and commit for the long run.

USMC Lesson #2- Adapt to Anything

Your company makes a change. They do something a bit differently. So? Adapt to your environment, no matter what it is at any time. You must be somewhat flexible.

USMC Lesson #3- Improvise Daily

We are taught from day one in Marine Corps Boot Camp to always improvise. You just never know what will happen and when. This is the art of becoming self-reliant! Don’t be upline reliant!

USMC Lesson #4- Overcome All Obstacles

You will have them, and you must allow them to help or hurt you in your home business. Look at them as free education.

USMC Lesson #5- Maintain Discipline

This comes from within. You must do the right things day after day, month after month, and year after year.

Life is testing you every day!

USMC Lesson #6- Follow Orders

The system, the techniques that work are your orders! Follow your company’s system and you will succeed! Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Live with a team attitude!
Team players are a must in the Marines.
Team players are a must in a Business.

They say that the Marines are The Few, The Proud
Guess what? So are we in the home business revolution!
And you know who fears us the most?
The big corporations selling people out!

Stay strong and follow a 240-plus year tradition of success that will speed up your freedom!