Maria Geathers

It’s been 1 year since I started using Vitamist Sprays. Just wanted to give you an update since 2013. I been using Vitamist Sprays everyday Since I started using your products, I have been in the best of health. My Iron level and energy level have been great since I been using the B12 and Iron Vitamist spray. Just a short story, I had 2 surgeries last year 1 cosmetic, which required to have blood work done to make sure I qualify for the surgery with no health issues. The 2nd surgery required an emergency surgery of the removal of my Gall bladder. All of my blood work came back excellent. I have to say it’s definitely from using your products. I recommend this product to anyone who is willing to feel, look and share Vitamist Spray, I guarantee you will see and feel the difference immediately. I will keep in touch and you will always be dear to me.

Thank you,


Mrs. Maria Geathers

West Palm Beach, FL


Margaret Elaine Henry Mesa, AZ

I have been using VitaMist Vitamins for over 15 years thanks to my friend, Patty who introduced them to me. I love them because I can’t tolerate vitamins in pill form. I have been extremely healthy since taking VitaMist Vitamins.


Margaret Elaine Henry
Mesa, AZ