The Healthy Deihl: New Year’s Resolutions

What better way to close out the year than by addressing your resolutions, and how to achieve them?

The Holidays Are Here Again

Dear VitaMist Family:
The Holidays!  Here they are again.  A time to reflect and a time to look forward.  Traditionally, it’s a time for families to get together and celebrate, and for friends to catch-up on the happenings of the past year. 
If you are reading this newsletter, you are among the very fortunate.  You must count your blessings because you have family and friends.  You have people who care about you and people who support you in all that you do.  Over this past yea,r we laughed together, cried together and prayed together.  
Just like a real family, there have been ups and downs in all our lives this year, but through it all, we held our belief in VitaMist and together we grew our business and spread the word about these great products.  VitaMist introduced some exciting new things in 2016, as well as some incredible incentive programs. These are now being promoted across this country and will without doubt help motivate those with the vision to become extremely successful. 
So, as we celebrate the Holidays and the year draws to a close, let’s all give thanks for the opportunities we have been given, and pledge to seize those opportunities with both hands and use them to achieve our goals in life.  But remember, we each hold the key to our own success.  The best opportunity in the world will remain nothing more than an opportunity unless we take it!

7 Sizzling Secrets of Self-made Millionaires

Another man mentioned in this article used these secrets to creating a multi-million dollar company and become an Award Winner of Forbes Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award.

A woman you’ll read about used these secrets to become a multi-millionaire and never has to work another day in her life.

You’ll also read about secrets another gentleman used to become a household name and get incredibly rich.

Plus, these secrets have been used by virtually every self-made millionaire who has ever lived!

So, let’s jump right in!

Sizzling Secret #1:  How 5 Simple Words Became a BILLION Dollar Empire!

A few years ago two men came up with an idea for a book they believed would be an overwhelming success.

They both knew they had a huge money-maker on their hands. But, they had one major challenge.

It often takes a winning title to create a major blockbuster book, and they had no idea what to call it.

So, they turned to a technique used by a man from the mid-1900’s.

This man had come up with a title for a book that worked like magic. So well, in fact, that his book still continues to sell thousands and thousands of copies each and every year.

The technique involves using the incredible power of your subconscious mind.

What the two men did was to go to bed each night and ask their subconscious mind to come up with the winning title they needed.

Each night they would talk to their subconscious, saying to themselves, “Mega-best-selling title… Mega-best-selling title… Mega-best-selling title…”

Over and over again they would continue to ask their subconscious mind for what they needed.

After a couple of nights of doing this, the answer came to them. They had the winning title they needed, and the rest is history.

What was the result?

Over 75 million copies of their book series called “Chicken Soup for the Soul” have sold. And it all happened because they asked their subconscious mind to come up with what they needed.

So, next time YOU need something important, ask your subconscious for help. You may be surprised at what it can tell you!

Sizzling Secret #2:  Making Money While You Sleep!

A friend of mine had a project he worked on over 20 years ago. Today that project continues to create an income for him even when he’s sleeping.

Over the years since he completed that project, he’s also had other projects that have turned into income for him.  Each one brings him paychecks each and every month.

My friend gets income from multiple sources. He doesn’t just get one single paycheck. He has money coming to him from many different directions. The best part is that this income continues to come to him whether he works or not.

He doesn’t just get multiple streams of income. He gets multiple streams of RESIDUAL income.  Having residual income means that you get paid even if you’re sleeping.

My friend says, “If you’re not making money while you sleep, you’re never gonna get rich.”

That’s because he realizes that one of the best-kept secrets of the rich is creating residual income.

The key is to be spending your time working on things that will eventually create residual income for you.

If this isn’t how you’re spending some of your time now, then start today!

Sizzling Secret #3:  The Major Key You May Be Missing!

Some years ago there was a crisis happening in the country of Korea. It wasn’t even safe for outside airplanes to fly into the area. But worst of all, over 50,000 children were at risk of dying from lack of food.

One man was running a program called “Feed the Children.” It’s a program that helps feed children all over the world. He realized it was up to him to find someone who was willing to fly into the area to deliver food to the needy children. Over thirty airline companies said, “no.” But, he kept asking other companies till he found one that said “yes.” It was the thirty-ninth company.

The man running the program to feed the children was up against the same task as the character of Aladin in the story “Aladin’s Lamp.”

In the story, a young man- Aladin- finds a magic lamp with a Genie inside who would grant him any wish for which he asked. There was just one thing he needed to do to get anything in the world he wanted.

If he did this one thing, his dreams and wishes would come true. If he didn’t do it, he would get nothing. If the man running the program didn’t do it, HE would get nothing. And to make your dreams come true, you must do the same thing as this man, and Aladdin had to do.

Just one simple thing can make all the difference in the world. You’ll go hungry in restaurants if you don’t do it. A man can never marry the woman of his dreams without doing it. Aladdin had to do this same simple thing to have all of his dreams come true. As did the man running the program.

What is this magic secret that opens doors to fortune?

It’s simply the power of asking. Asking for help, assistance, support, funds. Whatever it is you need to assist you in achieving your dreams may be within your reach if you’ll only ASK others for what you need.

As the old saying goes, “You’ll never know if you don’t ask.”

Start using the power of ‘asking’ more often in your life and watch how big of a difference it can make.

Sizzling Secret #4:  The Secret Your Banker Hopes You NEVER Find Out About!

Let me tell you a story.

It’s about a woman who is in her forties and rich. She’s a multi-millionaire, who never has to work another day in her life.  Recently my business partner interviewed her on his radio show where she revealed how she had become so wealthy.

She’s an accountant who knows something entirely different from most accountants. She knows the real secret behind assets and liabilities.  She follows a simple truth about assets and liabilities that has made her rich. If you follow this same truth, it can make you rich too.

The rule is this: “Assets put money IN your pocket. Liabilities take money OUT of your pocket.”

Sounds simple enough right?  Well, you’d be surprised how many people, and even accountants, don’t understand or follow this powerful truth.  Here’s how important this principle can be.

Most people who own their home believe that their home is an asset.  What they don’t understand is that it’s not THEIR asset, it’s their bank’s asset.  Every month when they make their mortgage payment they have to take money OUT of their own pockets to pay it.  That money then goes into the pockets of the bank or financing company.

If we look back at the truth about assets and liabilities:  “Assets put money IN your pocket.  Liabilities take money OUT of your pocket.”

Now, if the money is going OUT of the home owner’s pocket each month, that means it is a LIABILITY. And since it is going into the pockets of the financing company then it IS an asset, but it’s an asset for THEM!

The woman I spoke about earlier has many, many assets that continually put money IN her pockets. She has more money coming into her pockets through real assets than money going out of her pockets from liabilities.

If YOU follow this same principle of acquiring genuine assets that bring in more money than you spend on liabilities, then YOU too will find yourself rich enough to never have to work again.

Understanding this truth is the biggest cornerstone of all wealth. I suggest reading this section over again until you fully understand this principle of money.

Sizzling Secret #5:  “The Best-Kept Secret of the Rich!”

Over fifty years ago, a man had an idea.

It was an idea to create the most amazing experience in the world.  This idea was to build an amusement park that was like a dream world. A magical place so incredible, that no one would be able to visit it and go home without telling everyone they knew about it. But he needed to figure out a way to make this idea a reality.

He began to use a method that had helped hundreds of people become millionaires before him. It’s a technique called “masterminding.” In Japan, they call it “quality circles.”

This man realized that when you combine two people together, one and one equals the power of eleven. He understood that when you get your team together, you get your dream together. When you team up with at least one other person, your ability to become successful isn’t just multiplied by two. It’s multiplied by one hundred.

The reason is that multiple people can each feed off of another’s ideas, and each can take an idea to new levels that no single individual may have ever been able to by themselves.  Use the power of masterminding in your life just once, and you’ll instantly see the life-changing difference it can make.

One idea can turn into a million different possibilities that can each create never-ending rivers of cash flow into your life.

Try it and see for yourself.

Sizzling Secret #6:  The Most Persuasive Technique in the World!


Recently my partner interviewed another millionaire.  He’s a famous author and public speaker.

During this interview, my partner asked him what was the most persuasive technique of which he knew. His answer my surprise you.  It’s the same technique you’ve been experiencing while you’ve been reading this.

Then this same secret came up again during another millionaire interview.  This time the discussion was on how this technique helped build many of the most successful companies you know of today.

The technique is to use stories.

Read what this millionaire had to say about the importance of telling a story.

“The importance of having a story to tell is that’s what interests everybody. Everybody wants to hear a story, and what they want to hear is a great story! Great entrepreneurs tell great stories. And the great story is the story of my company. The story of what we do. The story of how we do it. The story of why you should connect with our business rather than anybody else’s company.”

When YOU and your business have a story to tell, people will pay attention.  The better your story, the more they will pay attention to you and the more others will pay attention too.

So, remember: Great entrepreneurs tell great stories.

Sizzling Secret #7:  The Ultimate Tip That Makes All the Rest Matter!

Sometimes, during his seminar, one millionaire uses an example to prove a point.

He’ll hold up a one hundred dollar bill in the air with his hands and say, “If this hundred dollar bill is available, and it is, who would want it?”  Of course, every hand in the room would go up.

But, he just stands there holding it up until he eventually says, “doesn’t anyone want this?” Then after about minute or two, someone gets up out of their chair and goes up to him expecting him to give it to them.

But, even then, he won’t hand it to them. He just keeps holding it up in the air until they do something.  Eventually, the person has to jump up and take it out of his hands.  Then the seminar leader says to the audience, “Now what did that person do differently than everybody else in the room?”

The answer is, he got out of his seat, and he took ACTION.  You see, even baby steps create momentum.

Another millionaire who was one of Anthony Robbins’ first millionaire mentors said, “…if you start something… not only will you feel better about yourself regarding self- esteem, which is one of the greatest things in stepping toward success, it will also start awakening a spark of ambition. But it just doesn’t grow unless you initiate the process.”

Then a different millionaire from a famous company you’ve probably heard of said, “…how many times have you seen it? That the difference between somebody who had a good idea and someone who acted on a good idea, is that the person who acted, ACTED!”

In my life, when I decided to stop waiting for everything to be perfect and just started taking action, my whole life changed in an instant.  I urge you to begin today to take action toward becoming the success story you’re capable of becoming.

Take these seven secrets and start applying them immediately. It’s only by implementing the secrets of millionaires that you have any chance of becoming one.

240 Years of Success and Six Lessons to Learn!

Over 240 years of Success for one of the world’s most highly trained units, an outfit that every known military worldwide fears.

The United States Marine Corps!

A former US Marine shares a few hints as to why they are so proud, strong and successful!

USMC Lesson #1- Follow their CREED!

One of the Marine Corps many creeds is “Semper Fidelis”. This means “Always Faithful” – and you should be to your associates, your company and your future. Always stay in one place and commit for the long run.

USMC Lesson #2- Adapt to Anything

Your company makes a change. They do something a bit differently. So? Adapt to your environment, no matter what it is at any time. You must be somewhat flexible.

USMC Lesson #3- Improvise Daily

We are taught from day one in Marine Corps Boot Camp to always improvise. You just never know what will happen and when. This is the art of becoming self-reliant! Don’t be upline reliant!

USMC Lesson #4- Overcome All Obstacles

You will have them, and you must allow them to help or hurt you in your home business. Look at them as free education.

USMC Lesson #5- Maintain Discipline

This comes from within. You must do the right things day after day, month after month, and year after year.

Life is testing you every day!

USMC Lesson #6- Follow Orders

The system, the techniques that work are your orders! Follow your company’s system and you will succeed! Don’t reinvent the wheel!

Live with a team attitude!
Team players are a must in the Marines.
Team players are a must in a Business.

They say that the Marines are The Few, The Proud
Guess what? So are we in the home business revolution!
And you know who fears us the most?
The big corporations selling people out!

Stay strong and follow a 240-plus year tradition of success that will speed up your freedom!

The 12 Steps to Health and Success

Making VitaMist Work for You

Just as there are 12 days of Christmas, there are 12 steps to jump-start your New Year.

  1. Write down what you want to do this New Year, e.g. lose weight; stop smoking; use VitaMist products every day; make $$$ with your VitaMist business; travel to new places.
  2. Now, make a contract with yourself. For example:Key to Success

    “I (your name) will make $5,000.00 (or any amount you want) from my VitaMist business by (date). I (your name) will do everything in my power to reach this goal.”

    And then sign it.  The more detailed your contract, the better.

  3. Write down your goals!  I know this may sound redundant, but what I’m saying here is that you should write down your daily, weekly, and monthly goals to help you reach your ultimate goal – the contract with yourself.  For example:

    “Daily – Sell 3 products today!”
    “Weekly – Send in 15 new Golden Tube candidates!”
    “Monthly – Hold 3 product clinics or business briefings each month!

  4. Use the Products! Use the Products each and every day, no matter where you are! VitaMist Products are so revolutionary they will make people ask questions.
  5. Have a favorite product! And when people ask, tell them why it’s your favorite. “It makes me feel GREAT!” “It’s so easy and convenient to use!”
  6. Have fresh products on hand! It’s easier to close someone if you have at least part of their order on hand.
  7. Make a “Warm List”! Write down a list of all people that will be interested in the product and the opportunity. And never stop adding to it. By keeping a paper and pen with you at all times, you never know when a name will come to mind. 
  8. Use the GOLDEN TUBE system. It’s so easy to qualify for this program, and once you have qualified, just send your “hot list” to the Company and we will send each person on your list a Golden Tube, with samples of the products and all the paperwork they will need to make an informed decision. 
  9. Get everyone you know to join our Conference Calls – Product call on Thursday, the Training call on Monday, and Ladies of VitaMist on last Tuesday of the month, focus calls every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning. This way, your prospects will learn first-hand what all the buzz is about.  On some calls, they will even be offered free products.
  10. Keep Applications on hand! Some people will want to sign up right away so always be prepared!
  11. Study the Pocket Passport to Success. By just reading it once a week you will come up with new ideas on how to grow your business.
  12. Use the 3-foot rule! Anybody within 3 feet of you is a candidate! Everywhere you go there are people interested in your products and your business The key to finding these people is YOU! It is up to YOU to let them know.

With these 12 steps, you are on your way to a great New Year.  Follow these steps and 2016 will be full of Happiness, Heath, and Wealth.

We just want to say, from your VitaMist family, that we are honored to play a part in your future health and wealth.

Thank you.

How the Economic Machine Works

Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates put together an animated video called How the Economic Machine Works in 30 Minutes.  The video itself is on www.economic  It is well worth taking a look at for a quick and concise lesson on economic trends, why they exist and how to know where in the cycle we are right now.  Here are some key points to remember when predicting the economy.

 The Economy and Productivity Growth

Ray describes the economy as the sum of the transactions that make it up, and he points out that it only appears to be complex due to the sheer number of transactions that occur.  Transactions consist of any combination of money and credit used to purchase goods, services or assets.  As productivity increases with innovation and advancing technology, the economy grows at a steady rate.  This is what’s referred to as productivity growth.  While productivity growth is not something we as consumers feel on a day to day basis, it’s ultimately responsible for economies increasing at steady rates over extended periods of time.  If we reflect back over the past few decades, it’s easy to see that several aspects of the economy seem to rise alongside productivity growth.  Since we can produce more than we could 100 years ago, incomes are much higher now than they were then.  With these higher incomes come higher prices and the devaluation of the dollar.

How the Economic Machine Works


As we borrow money, we create both a debt for the borrower and an asset for the lender.  This process is called credit.  While the economy is increasing over time, you and I feel the day to day fluctuations of it.  Our proximity to the effects makes it difficult to see the big picture, and it give the illusion that the economy is difficult to predict.  These variations exist because credit is essentially the money or assets from our future selves being used to make a purchase now.  As the video puts it, “Debt allows us to consume more than we produce when we acquire it and forces us to consume less than we produce when we pay it back.”   Credit leads to what Ray calls the short-term and long-term debt cycles.  The good news is that these cycles occur in very predictable manners.

The Short-Term Debt Cycle

Credit allows us to spend more than our income.  This additional spending raises the income of the sellers we buy from, who then turn around and spend their income and credit elsewhere.  With all of this spending, everybody feels like they have more money, and they spend even more.  The economic boom of the short-term debt cycle is called an expansion.

Increased spending leads to increased prices.  Consumers buy more, and to keep up with the high demands, sellers need to spend more on raw materials, services and employees.  To do this, they must raise their prices.  The rising price of goods, services and assets is called inflation, and over time it decreases the value of our currency.  Inflation is an expected and unavoidable result of production growth, but it cannot be allowed to rise out of control.  If a nation were to allow this, their currency would rapidly lose its value, severely crippling the economy.  The Central Bank monitors prices to prevent that from happening.  When prices increase, interest rates are raised.  Higher interest rates result in less borrowing, leading to less spending and causing both prices and incomes drop, leading to what’s called a recession.

Once the prices are under control, the Central Bank can drop the interest rates.  Consumers begin to borrow and spend more money; prices and incomes rise, and the economy begins another expansion.  It’s in this predictable way that the Central Bank influences the short-term debt cycle.  Each cycle of expansion and recession typically lasts five to eight years.

The Long-Term Debt Cycle

The long-term debt cycle is a bit trickier, and Ray estimates that it plays out over a 75 to 100-year period.  The basic impetus for the long-term debt cycle is human nature.  Each short-term debt cycle’s peak tends to be higher than the last as people borrow more and more.  Each short-term debt cycle’s valley tends to be higher than the last as people start borrowing again before they’ve paid off their debts.  Over time, more and more money enters the market, leading people to feel prosperous.  In actuality, most of this ‘money’ flooding the market isn’t money at all; it is credit.  The US economy is made up of around $50 trillion in credit, compared to only $3 trillion in actual currency. 

A healthy economy is one where income outweighs debt.  Since credit exists, incomes go through periods where they rise much faster than production growth, eventually causing them to level out.  After all, if you can’t produce more, you can’t earn more.  At the same time, debt continues to increase despite the stagnation in income.  Eventually borrowing becomes so prolific that the scales tip and rising incomes can no longer keep up with rising debt.

To repay their debts, consumers must sell their assets, such as real estate, stocks, and commodities.  The market becomes flooded with assets, driving down their value.  So not only have our debts outgrown our incomes, the value of our assets has plummeted.  It’s at this point that the banks realize they’re never going to be fully repaid, and credit evaporates.  The banks foreclose on homes and repossess vehicles, but the falling markets and lack of creditworthy consumers mean the banks still can’t recoup their money.  This probably sounds familiar, since we don’t have to think back very far to remember when major banks across the country were panicking, refusing to lend money and consuming each other.  This process is like a tailspin, plummeting the whole economy at a rate far faster than the long-term economic growth that led up to the predicament, causing what’s known as a deleveraging.


The difference between a deleveraging and a recession is that debt has risen to the point that consumers can no longer afford to repay it, even if interest rates drop to 0%.  The deleveraging is an attempt to tip the debt to income scales back in the right direction.  Four things must be done to accomplish this:

  1. Consumers, businesses, and governments cut spending.
  2. Debts are restructured, allowing banks to recoup at least a portion of their investment.
  3. Wealth is redistributed by raising taxes on the wealthy to take care of the less affluent, who suffer the most from a deleveraging.
  4. Money must be printed to compensate for the reduction of credit in the economy.

A deleveraging be handled well, leading to a recession, or it can be dealt with poorly, leading to depressions, wars, and social upheaval. For example, if the Central Bank does not print enough money, incomes will continue to plummet.  Remember that much of the economy is credit.  When credit dries up, enough money needs to be produced to keep income levels above the cost of debt repayments.  If too much money is printed, the influx of currency reduces its value.  Each of these four methods  must be balanced in order to prevent scenarios such as Germany’s struggles during the Great Depression, which led to World War II; the Lost Decade of Japan following their deleveraging in 1991; or the complete economic collapses of countries such as Greece and Iceland after the Financial Crisis of 2008.

Using the Economy to Your Advantage

To avoid significant downturns, Ray Dalio outline three essential steps that you and I, businesses and governments should all follow.

  1. Don’t let debt rise faster than income. Keep track of what you can afford to spend in either cash or credit.
  2. Don’t let incomes rise faster than productivity. This trend cannot last, nor can it keep up with rising prices.
  3. Raise productivity. The best way to do better financially is to work harder, smarter and more efficiently.

You have all heard of buyers markets and sellers markets, but one of the keys to predicting them is to realize that either one leads to the other.  At this point in the U.S. economy, we are experiencing the first expansion since the deleveraging of 2008.  Credit has started to become readily available again; people are buying homes, stocks and 50-inch televisions; and the struggles of a few years ago are beginning to fade from memory.  Right now everybody is buying, without a care in the world.  That makes now the perfect time to sell.

What does October mean to you?

Is it the end of summer?  The start of fall?  Halloween, maybe?  Or are you thinking about the onset of winter, with longer nights and sitting in front of warm fires?  Before you know it, it will be the Holiday Season again.

The Holiday Season comes around every year!  Yet every single year I have heard “The Holidays” used as a “reason” for people to let their business slow down.  Well, just remember, you have a choice!  You can either have your freedom, or you can give excuses. In order for you to have the financial freedom you want, and the success you deserve in your VitaMist business, you need to give up two things right now: making excuses and blaming others!

I would guess that every single VitaMist Distributor is doing one of two things; either making money or blaming someone and giving excuses. Let me repeat myself. You are either making a success of your business, or you are giving excuses and blaming someone else for your failure. Imagine if you owned a McDonalds franchise, and you did not make any profit in your first month or year.  Would you blame the corporate office or the regional inspector? My guess is, you wouldn’t.  Why not?  Because the McDonalds system has made a lot of people very successful.

Giving excuses for your failure is simply to clear yourself from blame. So you had a home party with 49 guests and no one signed up.  Do you give up?  Your up-line’s phone was cut off and you couldn’t make a three way call.  Do you give up?  You can either make money or make an excuse.  I am urging you to take ownership of your own VitaMist business.

It would be nice for your up-line to be available 24/7. It would be nice for you to be a great speaker, with a Ph.D. in sales.  However, in reality, nothing is perfect.  DO WHATEVER IT TAKES.  If your closing skill is lacking, work on it.  If your marketing skill is lacking, work on it. If your communication skill is lacking, work on it. Do not give excuses. Instead of excuses, work on being good at your craft.

Not only do we give excuses, we find a way to blame others for our failure. YOU ARE YOUR UP-LINE!  Think about that for a minute.  If you know you are your own up-line, then you will not blame anyone else for your failure or lack of results.  Blaming others for your own failure is “the language of the mediocre,”  and I know that you are not mediocre!
In conclusion, as winter approaches, I would like to borrow a slogan from our the United States Army, “be all that you can be!”  I urge you to live your life with passion, and take responsibility for both your successes and your failures.  Remember, if you point a finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you.
Dream big dreams, then put on your overalls and go out and make your dreams come true –
~Fred Van Amburgh

From My Heart With


How to Grow Your Business

In 30 Days or Less

Sometimes we make business far harder than it is.

We over-think our strategy, complicate our product line, and worry too much about our Team

All of these are important issues to be sure, but they pale into insignificance compared to the one area of business that contributes most to success.

That area? Time spent daily on Sales.

I have mentored literally thousands of VitaMist business owners and almost every time I see a business not performing it is primarily because they are not spending enough hours in the day on the sales process, either refining how they sell or getting out there and getting face to face with potential customers.

How much time should you spend on sales? Well if you’re running a new business you should devote at least 80 % of your day to it.

If you’re an established business you should spend at least 30% of your day on the sales process or connecting with customers.

Does that sound too extreme? It shouldn’t. What else could you be doing that is more important?

When you spend most of your time selling opportunities quickly arise. Door open. Checks get written. Good things happen. When you stay in your office talking to your staff, pontificating over product details, admin and minutiae you may progress your business, but you won’t greatly increase your revenue.

Only going out there and asking more people to buy your stuff will make a real difference in the long run. All else is tinkering at the peripheries of success.

All great companies are great at sales: Oracle ORCL, McKinsey, IBM,Nordstrom, JWN -0.23%… They grew huge not just because of the quality product line (the world is filled with companies with great products that are struggling to survive) but their utter commitment to selling it better than their competitors, and getting out there and asking people for their business.

Here’s an exercise well worth trying: Sit down and work out what the average amount of time is your people are spending each week either directly selling or on improving the sales process. Then set a goal to triple it, starting next week.

You may say you’re too busy. You may protest that you have too many other things to do. But if you can just bring yourself to drop these excuses and try this technique, you will be stunned at how quickly your business improves.

And don’t put up with any resistance from your sales staff about being pushed and held accountable either. Any sales person that isn’t completely happy to have their performance closely monitored should be fired. Sales are too important not to have a constant magnifying glass on it.

Sales should be the absolute center of what your company does, every single day. Ignore it at your peril. As the founder of IBM, Thomas Watson once remarked, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.”

If you’re not happy with how fast your business is growing, this is the area you should focus on, first, second and third. Get out there and ask more people to get started. It may sound crude, but ultimately an obsession with sales is at the heart of all sustained business growth.

A New Era

First, I would like the honor of wishing all of you a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year! 

 So 2013 is over and a new era has arrived.  A new era not only for VitaMist® but for all of us.

 Many of you were not a part of the VitaMist family at the beginning of 2013.  In fact, even some of our Top Distributors, had only been with us for just a couple of weeks.   Just look what they have achieved in those 12 months!  They have achieved unprecedented success!  First and foremost, they had the vision to recognize the opportunity that was waiting for them to seize.  And seize it they did – with both hands!

 But, that was 12 months ago. 

 If you listen to our Conference Calls, the message is clear.  This is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme; this IS a serious health business with 31 years of history, based upon a foundation of solid business practices.

 A lot of people think that network marketing is a way to make a lot of money in a short amount of time with the minimum amount of effort.  Well, maybe some can and maybe some companies make those types of empty promises.  But again, I refer to our conference calls.  I can tell you that VitaMist is not one of those companies of hype.  Yes, you can make a lot of money with VitaMist, but it will be solid money and it will build, as VitaMist is building.

So, what is my message for 2014?

First and foremost, VitaMist Products will continue to be the finest nutritional health products on the market and we will continue to expand our presence around the World.

Second, for those of you who are active Distributors, you will continue to see enhancements in our programs and incentives to help you grow your businesses.

And third, for those of you who feel you are not growing your business the way it should be growing, I urge you to not give up.  Ask yourselves if you are giving it your all?   Ask yourselves if you are participating? Ask yourselves if you are blaming others for your own failures?  Take a look at those that came before you, and joined VitaMist 12 months ago.  Like the wise man said, “he has built his house on a foundation of solid rock.”  You can too!

 Happy Holidays!



Become an Effective Leader

Here are a few simple tips that will help YOU become an effective leader.  Take the time to read them and put them into practice in your daily life.  You will quickly notice the difference in the way people respond to you and how they listen more intently to your message.

Effective Leaders do not “Look out for Number One”

Instead, effective VitaMist® Leaders focus on goals and on growing their team and business. Effective leaders are outward focused, which means they tend to be people-friendly, loyal, and eager to help their team.

Effective Leaders understand how to follow

VitaMist® leaders put themselves into their team members’ shoes to see things from their perspective. They allow their team members to arrive at their destination sooner, with better results, and as a part of a much happier team.

Effective Leaders know when NOT to be Competitive

The best thing they do for their team is make sure that everyone has access to the information that is going to help them build their team, by always sharing and giving advice that is going to develop them into leaders.  A truly great leader is not someone who is scared of competition.

Effective Leaders are considerate

The best leaders focus on making things better, not on being liked. This is achieved by treating everyone around them with kindness and consideration. Arrogance and rudeness are counterproductive and not acceptable in the VitaMist® family.

Effective Leaders attach deadlines to their goals

Achieving success requires a plan that is well thought out, written down and developed into specific objectives. Furthermore, those objectives must be communicated clearly to the team and have standards and deadlines attached.

Effective Leaders take follow-up to the next level

Serious follow-up involves much more than sending a series of urgent reminders. It requires willingness to set aside time to make sure the objective is clearly understood, and to discuss and review any information with a prospect or a team member.

Effective Leaders create a culture of accountability

If you expect your team and business to grow, you have to develop a sense of accountability for yourself as well as your team members. If you’re not accountable for your actions your team will not be accountable for theirs. Make them aware of what they are responsible for and how they are going to go about growing their business.

Effective Leaders don’t try to control everything

If you want to be a strong leader, you must learn to give up control over certain tasks. Delegation is an essential leadership quality because it frees up time for the things you should be focusing on – like growing your team and your business.

Effective Leaders listen as well as talk

You don’t have to be the world’s most sympathetic listener to be a great leader, but you must learn to listen. Effective VitaMist® Leaders listen first. After they’re done listening, they listen some more. When they speak, they measure their words, realizing that saying more often means saying less. VitaMist® leaders do all this while paying attention to their team members’ concerns and interests.

Effective Leaders understand Teamwork

Successful VitaMist® Leaders treat all of their team members with equal respect, but have different expectations for each one. Those expectations are based on individual performance, not idealistic beliefs.