Angela Kirkpatrick

t gives me so much pleasure and security to know that you are there – right at the end of the phone line across the country. At age 72 1/2 I never want to think of not having my vitamins. They are essential to my life; I use 17 of them daily and “sleep” only when I wake up for a lav trip and can’t return to sleep – it really works great.
The vitamist products I believe are essential to the good state of health that I enjoy. When my husband was alive and was suffering from celiac disease and nutritional deficits – he finally agreed to try the vitamist spray vitamins, after mocking my use for so many years.
He became a true believer and never missed spraying his vitamins. He could feel the difference because he was weak from the illness. We were able to do blood tests for the B12 to determine if he was absorbing, and we had to cut back a couple of sprays because it raised his blood levels so amazingly high.
I knew that there was no cure for my husband’s condition, but I am so happy that he was able to experience a better quality of life with the vitamist products than he would have had without them.
I am not bragging – just reporting – that after using the vitamist spray vitamins for 26 years, I am not on any cardiac or respiratory medication. My blood pressure is normal, and I have no serious eye disease or orthopedic issues. Please do not discontinue your products – they are worth the homeostasis they provide. I never want to be without them – I would truly panic if I could not have them. Thank you also for your outstanding service.

Sincerely, AK
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