J Richard Duke

For years I had stomach pains at night that kept me from ever sleeping well.  I would watch for certain foods that affected me and I found some that I did stay away from.  But that was not the answer.

Then one day, which was over a year ago, my secretary asked me to look at a web site.  That web site stated that millions of people suffer from stomach problems because they drink liquids while that eat.  Liquids destroy the enzymes for such people (I am one!).  To make a long story short, I now do not drink anything 1 hour before and 1.5 hours after I eat; and my life dramatically changed.

Certain things still bother me.  For example vitamins, including liquid vitamins bother my stomach; and that includes pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and liquid vitamins.  But I can use VitaMist Vitamins and VitaMist minerals, four times per day at any time, with no negative consequences to my stomach.

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