The Clark-Livingston Story

The Clark Livingston story began around July of 2007 with Trinity Clark being informed about a “spray” Vitamin and a product call that Thursday evening which would rewards her with a absolutely free sample of the B-12 Product just for being on the call.

Trinity’s attitude prior to the call was she would listen for 30 minuets for the free sample.  The day after the life changing call, Trinity called the VitaMist Company for her “free” product and placed her first “Member Easy Order”.  Who would have known that 30 minutes would alter the course of her life?

Trinity’s best friend, Fran Livingston, was still suffering the consequences of a bad automobile accident that left her in pain.  Disabled for work and suffering from sleep deprivation.  Fran and Trinity had parted paths four years earlier with Fran in Louisiana and Trinity in Arizona and in 2007 going back to South Dakota.  Trinity drove to Louisiana to visit with Fran and leave her samples of VitaMist Spray Vitamins; Sleep, D-Stress and B-12 500.

Trinity’s story was on a different road.  She had been searching for ways to get nutrients into her then 6 year old Autistic son.  She had tried juices and potions and quite literally anything that offered a natural approach and promise of hope.  Her son had sensory issues to food so most often the expensive hope products met their demise in the trash and the search went on. VitaMist Spray Vitamins offered hope to a seriously thin child—just as all the products prior.  One tends to forget how things were in the past or notice change presented one day at a time.  Today Trinity’s son, now 7 with two front teeth missing as any average 7 year old has grown several inches taller, gained weight to 75th percentile and sleeps better than prior with severe sleep deprivation.  Trinity believes the benefits of having her child on VitaMist Spray Vitamins has many longer tern benefits for her child which have not unveiled themselves yet.

Three lives impacted by VitaMist Spray Vitamins is a great story but for Fran and Trinity it gets better.  Fran moved back to South Dakota and she and Trinity over the last five months merged their VitaMist business together and formed a non profit corporation to raise money for medical research and community outreach program funding.  The vehicle they chose to use in raising funds is Vitamist!!!! The Vitamist Company not only offered a SUPER product but as well a SUPER compensation plan.  The Corporation Fran and Trinity started is SDCLOV, South Dakota Chapter of LOV.  Imagine raising money for medical research and outreach by providing a staple to a healthy well being?  SDCLOV is proud to say that over 90% of its funding will be generated through Vitamist Spray Vitamins and that’s the Clark-Livingston Story.

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